Bicyclist dies after falling into traffic

3/10/2018 ~ 3:30am. Phoenix Police said a bicyclist struck a raised median near Baseline and I-10 off-ramp causing him to fall into traffic where he was stuck and killed by a eastbound motorist.

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Bicyclist dies after being struck by vehicle in Phoenix

A man is dead after he was thrown from his bike and struck by a vehicle in Phoenix Saturday, police said.

The man was riding a bicycle near Baseline Road and the off-ramp for Interstate 10 at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday when he hit the raised median, officials said. He was then thrown from his bike and landed in the eastbound lanes, where police said he was hit by a car.

The bicyclist, whose name has not been released at this time, died at the scene, police said. The 59-year-old female driver also has not been identified.

The driver of the vehicle spoke to police and showed no signs of impairment, according to Phoenix police Sgt. Alan Pfohl. He added that speed is not believed to be a factor in the crash at this time.

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One thought on “Bicyclist dies after falling into traffic”

  1. Did you read either of the links? Motorists still try to get bicyclists off “their roads” and bike lanes make that worse. All the time we hear of stories of bicyclists honked and yelled at being told to get in the non existant bike lane, or out of the “middle of the road” or to get on the sidewalk. Plenty of biking advocates don’t help either since they keep crying that riding on roads is dangerous (it can be but a cycling education course teaches one they can do a lot to avoid problems) and this marginalizes those of us who understand how to ride correctly and safely. Bike lanes are not safer and no amount of “feelings” will change that. Bicyclists can and with no problem ride as drivers with motor traffic and this practice is done by lots of people. They’re highly visible to other traffic, predictable, and they aren’t at risk of the most common crashes which all occur from riding too far to the right or in bike lanes. As for mixing with high speed traffic, other slow moving vehicles do it just fine. The only place where bicyclists and other slow moving vehicles are not allowed in most places are on freeways or expressways and that’s because those roads were specifically engineered for high speed motor traffic.

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