AZ Legislators busy on photo-enforcement again

(Photo: Mark Henle/The Republic)

A new year, a new session. This year, like every year, some Arizona Republican legislators were busy a work on their top priority — to finally rid Arizona of photo red enforcement once and for all. News Story.

Last year, they banned it from the “State highway system” It had been in use in exactly two places, on ‘city’/’town’ streets, not freeways.  Many years ago it was expelled from freeways.

Are we safe yet?

We know that the total amount of enforcement has been falling, of all types(both automated, and ‘in person’ by patrolmen). We also know the body count has been rising.

The bill rather loftily states that it’s their intent to:

1. Keep the enforcement of the laws in this state in the hands of trained law enforcement officers who are authorized by the people of this state to enforce the laws.
2. Protect the citizens of this state from the abuses that accompany the outsourcing of law enforcement to private, for-profit entities.
3. Ensure that the purpose of law enforcement remains to serve and protect and not to generate revenue for governments.

Nothing about safety, of course. You’re on your own.  Oh, and of course there’s no money to hire “trained law enforcement officers”, so with any luck there will be no enforcement at all.  Then we’ll all be perfectly safe.


As of late April, it appears that HB2525 after passing the House, stalled in the Senate.

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