Apparent hit and run bicyclist fatality in AJ

[ Update Sept 3: they seem to be implying this was not a vehicle involved, there was no hit-and-run, thus this was not a traffic crash, so I added the non-traffic tag, and am removing the hit-and-run tag. There is some sort of fairly deep ditch/canal(?) running in the median]

Sept 2, 2015. Police were notified of a dead body and nearby mangled bicycle in the median of Apache Trail near Ocotillo 8:30am. Though this is apparent hit-and-run traffic fatality, it’s not clear and the investigation will have to confirm.

Apache Trail near Ocotillo road has three lanes in each direction plus a BL. East and West are separated by a VERY wide median (I see ~ 65′ on google maps).

Other maps oddities: the BLs according to the dates on google street view have appeared sometime after June 2013 but before July 2015. The BL symbol appears to be non-standard; the standard symbol is 40″ wide; this one looks to be only maybe 24″???

Police: Body of man found on road median in Apache Junction
Associated Press 12:01 PM, Sep 2, 2015 Updated: 6:48 PM, Sep 2, 2015
APACHE JUNCTION, AZ – Authorities say a man whose body was found on a road median in Apache Junction apparently died from a bicycle accident. Apache Junction police say no foul play is suspected in the death of the 60-year-old man whose name is being withheld until his family can be notified. A call was made to a police dispatcher about 8:30 a.m. Wednesday reporting that a body had been found in the median of Apache Trail and Ocotillo. Officers were dispatched to the location where they confirmed the man was dead. TV news footage showed a bicycle with a mangled front wheel near the body. Police say their investigation into the man’s death is continuing.

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  1. Happened not far from where I live…apparantly the guy wrecked his bike in a canal thats in the center of the medium on apache trail, dying from the injuries he sustained…. at night the canal is not visible, anyone could easily ride through 50′ wide medium and not see a 5 foot deep canal… not a hit and run.

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