2015 Unknown/”Invisible” Bicyclist Fatalities

This article is a catch-all for any reported Arizona bicyclist traffic fatality that are otherwise unknown — no media, or any other, coverage could be found; they are only listed as statistics in the crash database.

In addition to the six below, there are an additional two that were not mentioned anywhere in the news/media: two-missing-2015-hit-and-run-fatalities.

Beginning (again) with 2014, PBCAT crash typing became available in FARS, so it’s now possible to double-check more of the database for consistency.

Also as an administrative note: beginning in 2014 — each fatality in the grid links to an article on azbikelaw.org (sometimes they are just catch-all)

… sorry, the links below to case / incident numbers are for my reference only, you won’t be able to click on them …

2/4/2015 Youngtown

2/4/2015 1646 Youngtown / Maricopa Co Sheriff’s Office. 111th Ave near Georgia Ave. Victim is 73 y.o. male.

ASDM incident 2955291: cyclist faulted for making improper left (presumably a bad merge left?); struck by a same-direction motorist.

Both units were southbound in Lane 2. Given the lanes there are narrow and not side-by-side shareable; the cyclist should have been somewhere near the center of lane 2 (regardless of intention to turn left) and the motorist should not have been in lane 2. It’s possible the bicyclist was hugging the right edge (against advice, but not illegal) and veered left in preparation for a left and had veered into the path of the motorist. It’s also possible or likely the bicyclist was previously southbound on the sidewalk and veered into the road misjudging the vehicle that struck him in intending to turn left ahead — the curb is rolled there.

FARS case 40104 is consistent with asdm.

6/8/2015 outside of Tuba City

6/8/2015 0504 (dark). Motorist overtaking. two-lane rural highway. Driver struck a pair of bicyclists outside Tuba City on US Highway 160. fatality victim 39 y.o. male; the other victim suffered non-incapacitating injury.

ASDM incident 2986527

Bicyclists were struck on the shoulder; which means the driver drifted out of the travel lane and crossed rumble strips, yet still collided. Driver was not tested for drugs/alchohol.

Driver faulted for speeding and too fast for conditions; also noted DistractedDriving: OTHER_ACTIVITY_ELECTRONIC_DEVICE.

There is no way to tell what consequences, if any, the driver faced. As noted here, given the physical characteristics of the crash the driver should have, at a minimum, been charged with 28-672 due to failure to drive in one lane.

FARS case 40369; is consistent with asdm. One strange coding is the specific crash type (PBCAT codes) of Motorist Overtaking – Misjudged Space seems odd. Failure to detect seems more like it. this one should be tagged “drifted”

8/20/2015 Peoria

8/20/2015 2146 (dark)  Olive and 91st Avenue, Peoria. counterflow (says in road, could have been veering out of crosswalk…) 63 y.o./male bicyclist against red light.

The bicyclist tested postumously negative for alcohol; positive for 401, and 417 (amphetemines)
. The driver was given a Preliminary Breath Test (PBT), result: Tested, positive not intox

ASDM incident 2984323 Only odd code was

FARS case 40524

9/16/2015 Phoenix

9/16/2015 1144 (daylight).  Indian School Rd near 33rd Ave

right-angle: 30 y.o. male bicyclist  Michael Cory Tafoya was emerging NB from pvt drive at a stip mall and crossing the major rd and failed to yield to a WB motorist.

ASDM incident 2994487 file number 201501785438. The narrative indicates the bicyclist was sort of weaving his way between stopped cars backed up from a traffic signal in lane 1 and lane 2 and was stuck by a moving car in lane 3.

FARS case 40591. PBCAT coding crash group/type: Bicyclist Failed to Yield – Midblock / Bicyclist Ride Out – Other Midblock

11/3/2015 Phoenix  (MCSO)

11/3/2015 2042 (dark) Lower Buckeye Rd near 70th Ave. MSCO since must have been in unincorporated area(?). 25 y.o. male bicyclist.

overtaking / bicyclist rear-ended. bicyclist faulted for MISSING EQUIP usually means dark/no reflector.

ASDM incident 3064986 file 150929045 which is probably a MSCO reference number, not phoenix.

FARS case 40747. Bicyclist positive 605. Motorist no testing.

Oddities: the lat/long in FARS is weirdly incorrect, says 33/-112 and asdm has the apparently correct location as 33.4228745271176,  -112.210981563113

11/24/2015 LaPaz County

11/24/2015 1835 (dark?). Harquahala Mine Rd near Salome Rd , Salome, AZ. bicyclist 48/F.

asdm indicates Motorist-overtaking error; asdm notes an “unknown distration / inattention”. Bicyclist: no improper action. This one seems a little strange. It’s a very minor road, there is no street view (perhaps it’s private?).

ASDM incident 3033115

FARS case 40701. bicyclist positive for 95.

Tagging this one “strike from behind”


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