Tucson right-hook fatality

6/10/2016 ~ 2PM

Bicyclist and commercial truck both EB on Prince at 1st, Tucson. The bicyclist’s name is not yet released, male mid-30’s.

Described in the KGUN news piece as a classic right hook.

There have been at least two other right-hook fatalities in Tucson in the recent past…

There was another Tuscon right-hook fatality with a large commercial vehicle in July 2013; Broadway at Campbell. In that instance Tuscon PD determined the bicyclist was at fault and the driver had no fault — I’m not sure I understand how they reached that conclusion even after reading the crash report.

And in 2015 there was right-hook w/driver of a pickup; the driver in that instance was cited, according to news reports.

In all three instances, the bicyclist was in a Bike Lane. Bike Lanes exacerbate the common errors that lead to right-hook collisions.

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