Tucson bicyclist killed in collision with Semi

19-year-old bicyclist Albert Rich and the driver of a right-turning semi collided westbound Broadway Blvd at Campbell Ave, Tucson; Wed 7/3/2013 evening. A so-called “right hook” collision.

This comes on the heels of a ped struck in a Tucson crosswalk last week (June 28, 2013) but died the same day as Rich. “Eddie Sagastume was walking across East Grant Road at North Arcadia Avenue about 8 p.m. June 28… The intersection was lit and there was a marked crosswalk, police said.” azstarnet.com. This is a slightly strange intersection, you can get a pretty good look at it here; for example there is a marked crosswalk across Grant on the west side but not the east side of Arcadia. Not that that would make a difference (I don’t see any signs prohibiting crossing either way; in other words it has one marked crosswalk and one unmarked crosswalk across Grant). I wonder what the speed limit is along Grant Road? It appears to be a standard car-sewer (lots of lanes, and, one imagines, lots of cars speeding along).

The Arizona Crash Report

I’ve seen the ACR (but not any departmental report, which I assume is much longer and must exist). The ACR was handwritten (seems odd,  in this day-and-age) and was oddly redacted — for example the cyclists and driver’s names were redacted.

The conclusion of the crash report was the cyclist was faulted for “inattention” ( in the narrative: “witnesses… say the bicyclist was looking down…”) and the truck driver did nothing wrong. I would tend to think — based on what is in the ACR — given the point-of-impact being all the way forward near the cab’s fuel tank, it would indicate the driver had begun to overtake the cyclist and never completed the pass; thus trapping the cyclist between the curb and his truck, and was therefore executing his turn unsafely.

19-year-old on bike killed in crash with semi

Posted: Jul 4, 2013 10:46 AM by Faye DeHoff
Updated: Jul 4, 2013 11:08 AM

TUCSON – A bicyclist who collided with a semi-tractor trailer in midtown yesterday evening has died.

Tucson Police say 19-year-old Albert Rich was on his bicycle when he collided with the semi near the intersection of Broadway Boulevard and Campbell Avenue around 5:32 last night.

Rich was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, where he died shortly after arrival. The driver of the tractor trailer was not injured.

Detectives from the Traffic Investigation Unit say the International Truck Tractor with a 2005 Great Dane Semi-Trailer was traveling westbound in the curb lane of East Broadway Boulevard and made a right hand turn onto northbound Campbell Avenue.

The bicyclist was traveling westbound in the bike lane on Broadway Boulevard approaching Campbell Avenue.

The bicyclist struck the right side of the tractor trailer just below the passenger door. The bicyclist was pulled beneath the tractor trailer as it completed the right turn.

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