Phoenix bicyclist killed in nighttime hit and run

names not yet released. 8/13/2015 ~ 1AM. Near 51st Ave near Southern Ave in Phoenix. Both driver and bicyclist were southbound.

Suspect vehicle is a white chrysler minivan with heavy passenger-side damage has been located and police have spoken with the registered owner. KPHO

Crash Report

This is ADOT incident=3043753 (you won’t be able to click that link). ASDM indicates the hit and run, and also that the driver was 29/M implying the driver was identified.

The crash was consistent with the news reporting: same-direction. It indicates the motorist was driving in the BL, when he struck and killed the bicyclist; and the motorist was faulted for FAILURE TO KEEP PROPER LANE. This should enable 28-672, so the motorist should be charged both with the hit-and-run as well as 28-672 (unless other, more serious charges, e.g. if impairment is involved, are indicated).

The crash report is available online, City of Phoenix file number 15001540359 follows the usual formula. This should reveal the driver’s name, and from there can be case lookup’ed.

This particular crash report is on the updated (2014) form, with the block for distracted behavior.

The narrative and database all agree with the news reports, the narrative states:

On Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 0058 hours, Vehicle 1, a white Twon and Country Minivan, was traveling southbound on 51st Avenue in the curb lane. A Bicyclist, Robert Anderson, was riding his blue Ross Professional ten speed bicycle southbound in the bicycle lane. Witnesses [redacted] were behind the minivan  as it veered into the bicycle lane and impacted Robert. After the collision the minivan fled the scene with a witness following. The driver was later identified as Adrian Hernandez-Moreno by [a witness]. Robert diesd as a result of the injuries he sustained in the collision.
Due to restrictions in the records management system I was unable to check the box which shows the driver of vehicle 1, Adrian Hernandez-Moreno had and identification card only. He did not have a driver’s license


And FARS case 40549 is consistent.

Criminal Case

There is no criminal case, or citations, at this time (jan 2017) pending against the driver that can be found in case lookup.

Hit and run w/fatality is a class 2 or 3 felony, and as noted above assuming no more serious charges emerge, the driver should be cited for failure to keep proper lane and charged with 28-672.

Adrian Hernandez-Moreno  has a couple of traffic issues from 2010: PPD14032826 DRIVING W/DL SUSP/REV FOR FTP OR FTA  and FAILURE TO STOP AT STOP SIGN dob 06/86

5 thoughts on “Phoenix bicyclist killed in nighttime hit and run”

  1. Words do not express the sadness I have for you and the many loved ones of your young brother. 12 years ago, I also lost my brother at a young age tragically and unexpectedly. You can never fill the hole in your hearts that he has left. Keep his memory alive by always thinking of the good times and speaking of them! So many people think if they talk about someone that has passed it will bring up sadness, truth is, the sadness is there 24/7. It never gets easier with time, only more time passes without making memories. Remembering hurts, hurting heals. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Laura St. Aubin

  2. this may sound a bit obtuse of me, but has anyone considered a wrongful death action? the evidence from that could be used to also bring a criminal case (I have read of this being done before elsewhere).

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