Nighttime cyclist fatality Grand Ave in Phoenix

6/25/2015 Strike from behind in the roadway, Grand Ave in the area of 37th Ave.  Dark. Police report: No rear reflector or light.

Victim Gregory R. Stout, 46/M.

I was informed of this incident by an email, and never found any media on it.

Other random oddities: this road is part of the state highway system (its US Route 60) and as such doesn’t “belong” to the City of Phoenix. Phoenix PD did investigate (as opposed to DPS) not sure exactly how that all works.

Crash Report

This is ADOT incident=3019899  Phoenix Incident number  15001205185; the ACR is available.

Both units southeast, going straight ahead in LANE3. There was another bicyclist (the victim’s brother) riding to the right of the victim.

The bicyclist was faulted for KNOWINGLY OPERATED WITH FAULTY MISSING EQUIPMENT, due to lack of a reflector. That all seems consistent; there was one troubling/incorrect statement in the narrative. Here is what the road looks like Grand Ave in the area of 37th Ave. The lanes there are plainly too narrow, as detailed in exception #4 of 28-815A. When the “lane in which the person is operating the bicycle is too narrow for a bicycle and a vehicle to travel safely side by side within the lane”  bicyclists are not required to ride as far right as practicable 28-815, therefore the statement below (emphasis added) is incorrect. This would not change fault assessment, due to the violation of nighttime lighting requirements, but it’s important for police to actually understand the law, this investigator doesn’t, here’s the narrative:

Unit one (bicycle) was riding southeast approximately five feet from the raised curb in the #3 (curb lane) of Grand Avenue when it was struck by unit two (passenger car) which was also traveling southeast in the curb lane. One of the listed witnesses (…) was also riding a bicycle southeast in the #3 lane but behind unit one and riding next to the curb. The witness was not struck by unit two. The investigation revealed unit one was not equipped with a red reflector to the rear as required by law (ARS 28-817A) and unit one was not riding as close as practicable to the curb as required by law (ARS 28-815A).

Det. G Gibbs #6490

The City of Glendale has taken the bold and commendable step to educate their entire police force — how about Phoenix? How about at a minimum educating the handful of investigators of serious/fatal crashes so they don’t carry around these misconceptions?


FARS, which is case 40417. Motorist overtaking / undetected. I don’t see anything within PBCAT data fields that would indicate there was a lighting issue (bicyclist didn’t have a rear reflector) which seems strange. Does PBCAT really not have that data field somewhere?



2 thoughts on “Nighttime cyclist fatality Grand Ave in Phoenix”

  1. So upsetting to not find out nothing about my Brother RANDY AKA Gregory R Stout, nicknamed WOLFY the bike recycling train, many folks knew,or seen him pulling them bike trailers to earn income.. never herd in NEWS,newspapers&the memorial spot item’s get cleared up,tossed away,many other’s killed there on Grand Ave&35th. Like Randy’s like Phoenix doesn’t want folks who died get respected&the memorial items be left alone..for other’s to reminder of life’s are like a Song by STING musician, called “Fragile” . My DAD&other Bro, says a Cop died there like 3wks ago. Daf didn’t find it in new..neither.. Just so upsetting to not see anything yet. My brother was killed by a car riding his bike on June 25,2015. We not knowing what kind of car,who did it&open investigation can take up to 9/19 month’s Det.GIbbs said to my voicemail, and the worst isn’t only not knowing what happened to driver,who killed Randy.. No Justice for Randy”s wrongful DEATH..oh it’s just a homeless man..who recycled&saved his $ up to buy a truck to move back to few months ahead..Probation won’t let him leave Az,nor Dad,other Bro..who was with Randy at time of car driver killed our Randy..Family! Just feels robbef of his life.. because driver can say accentdenty hitting him.. was driver texting,or side tracks of streeing in Ca.needs to get Justice&knowing more information about it.. Other lil Bro seen his Brother mowed down by a they road bikes around 10p.m.. he’s febal at himself not feeling well since seen death of very close brothers they’ve been since boyhoods..road bikes&being BRO S.. now Alan is alone..&Dad feels like what is Az.going to do with the driver who flew his Son over the hood ran him over,from what lil we heard.. si far Case opened case, Det.says gots what’s needed to wrap up case,just short staffed excuse for stalling to slove under the rug as Dad’s worried about it..that’s what he thinks going to happen.. Then Driver gets away with killing a person..isn’t okay with Randys family members.. AZ needs bike lanes stupid cause not having any&deaths happening..more folks who bike these day’s, cost of gas,etc..
    The sad part $ my bro raised in recycling train to get a truck..ends in death cremation,went to a Furneral home. I feel the driver sould repay the expenses back to Randy”s family members&help get his ashes home cost of $125.00 US mailing to get them safely sent to BiG SIS home asap! And be jailed for the driver who killed my Bro,uncle,Son,Grandson.. bussiness,homeless,trucker,drummer,mostly Christian Man,who was helping family members trying to find a home,land together, then suddenly 2yrs.ago Az put on news mother died in van,took the men’s in jail,took all properties to get$ impounded,Mom died of natural causes.. So let’s kept the men’s from FREEDOM”s, plea bargain for$ for AZ.state. four folks went to AZ.for better than Ca. They dreamed about land with pet’s,&let seniors enjoy the land of not trailer park s in Ca.kicking off the elders.. So Randy,trucked them to AZ. Out of four folks,only 2still held in PO”s plea bargain traps.. riding bikes around for payment by State can get $ out of homeless folks who are in 2 greifs NOW with in two yrs. Just isn’t rights for the dead,homeless,no justice served..just greed, My Brother RANDY”s life,only 46yrs. Torn up by car!

  2. Brother had bike reflectors on bike peddles.. How could he have a rear red reflector..when hit from behind&broke it off.. Most likely went flying off after impacts of car that hit my Brother.. Where’s his justice ! Car involved should have car insurance to pay for Bro Funeral needs since 2015..&Driver’s Lic. Pulled! My Bro Stout was with his Bro G.Stout.. Witness it all..! Had to flag down motorist to not Hit&about to Run! Intersection on Grand ave.isn’t safe to even walking cross walk’s. Pops..our Dad said.. Many deaths has been here’s on these corners Grand ave.&35th. Az. Bad design too! Justice&wants driver to pay for with his car insurance. Bro was killed&had to use his $700.00 he earned collection of Recycling stuffs..was gonna buy himself a lil work Truck..& driver killed that dream of bro’s&so he could been home in Ca.with loved ones..not stuck in AZ.homeless..went to get a cold refill or drink of soda’s.
    Never made it to a cool drink at store. Because driver had to be to close.??..destracted for whatever reasons. .&driving too fast ! Where’s Justice for bike rider’s night or day’s…?? Family need’s restitution Fee’s for Gregory R.Stout..wrongful Driver’s insurance isn’t it supposed to coverage liabilities.?..Hello! Oh just sweep it under the rug..a homeless man only in AZ.. Pops-our Dad wants Justice for his Son! Family too wants driver fess up car insurance to burry GRS.Repected Ashes! We waited to hear for Police Report&hopes for Insurance be reasponse.

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