Scottsdale (and now Tempe) regulates scooter/bike sharing companies

I can’t possibly keep up with all this… but just to point out, these regulations affect the companies; and have nothing to do with operation and rules of the road. The latest being Scottsdale:

Renting a bicycle or scooter in Old Town Scottsdale? Here are the new rules to know

In one oblique reference to rules-of-the-road,  it mentions/claims “Renters can ride … scooters on sidewalks”; I don’t have time to unpack yet another set of local ordinances but I don’t see how that’s possible ; see e.g. here for Phoenix and Tempe operating ordinances.

It should be noted that Phoenix Councilman Sal DiCiccio doesn’t like the dockless bikes (first bikes, now, undoubtedly escooters). He pushed for and got a so-called “lock-to” requirement for companies that wish to operate in Phoenix. This at least for the foreseeable future means none of the sharing companies are able to operate in the city of Phoenix. Just as Sal wanted. This was way back in July

But council members Laura Pastor and Sal DiCiccio were adamant that the locking requirement is the only way to ensure the bikes don’t turn to blight… DiCiccio has been the most vocal in his calls for regulation of the bike programs, even recommending in a now-deleted January Facebook post that Arcadia homeowners throw offending bikes in the trash. –

Placeholder for the phx ordinances, i have to look them up; they’re in some weird Chapter.

Something else to be aware of is that Sal not liking the scooter/bike shares, he hates the light rail “Light rail brings nothing but crime and blight to our neighborhoods“.


News item published 1/11/2019; As scooter accidents in metro Phoenix hit triple digits, another city regulates scooters.

According to the article, it’s similar to Scottsdale’s, and as expected does not relate to any operational regulations, just (company) licensing, staging, parking rules and fines.

Here’s a page at City of Tempe that lays out the documents for the companies.


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  1. Here is the ordinance that Scottsdale City Council voted on. It defines stand-up electric mini-scooters and three types of electric bicycles. Most of the changes to the ordinance clarify where owners/operators can ride and park the devices. Contact Susan Conklu ( for details.

    (In case that link goes dead, it’s Scottsdale Ordinance #4372; it heavily modifies 17-76 thru 17-100 to incorporate ebikes and escooters with various restrictions.)

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