Police arrest driver in high-speed crash that killed 2

Drivers tend to lie after doing something bad.

Also of interest, it’s normally the left-turners “fault”; in this instance the left-turner is dead, but when the other (going straight ahead) driver is doing something horrendously wrong, charges can crop up. See e.g. bad-drivers-and-friendsofcalholman-com



PD: Suspect was driving 96 MPH one second before deadly Phoenix crash

… 23-year-old Elidio Saenz was allegedly traveling 96 miles per hour on Indian School Road one second before he struck a vehicle attempting to make a turn onto 31st Avenue Saturday morning, according to court paperwork.
27-year-old Wilder Uriel Diaz-Gomez and 18-year-old Yahir Uriel-Diaz were both in the other vehicle and died from their injuries in the crash.
According to court paperwork, Saenz told officers that he thought he was driving about 50 miles per hour and was in a rush to get home.
Police say that using the airbag control module on Saenz’s vehicle, it was determined the vehicle was traveling 96 miles per hour 1.1 seconds before the crash, and 78 miles per hour 0.1 seconds before the crash…

Police arrest driver in high-speed crash that killed 2 men in Phoenix

… Elidio Saenz, 23, was driving a Chrysler 300 and heading west on Indian School Road at a high rate of speed when the vehicle collided with a Toyota Scion attempting to make a left turn onto 31st Avenue…
Court documents said police learned by imaging his car’s airbag control module that Saenz was going 96 miles per hour a second before the collision and slowed to 78 miles per hour at the time of the collision…


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