Little girl seriously hurt on sidewalk as driver jumps curb near Apache Junction

5/20/2018, 743am. Ellsworth and Broadway. A little girl and her mother became collateral damage after two drivers collided, one vehicle began spinning and “jumped the curb of the southwest corner of the intersection (two pedestrians), who were standing on the sidewalk”.

One driver was attempting to turn left, the other going straight (a “left cross”); who caused the wreck? Police are still investigating, it’s not clear which of the two drivers caused it; what is clear is that one or the other or both drivers caused a crash that seriously injured the little girl, and caused minor injuries to her mother who were on the sidewalk at the time.

2-vehicle a-word sends 8-year-old bystander to hospital with serious injuries

… Injuries sustained Saturday morning by an 8-year-old girl who was struck by a vehicle as it spun out of control at Ellsworth and East Broadway roads remain serious but are no longer life threatening…

The incident occurred at approximately 7:43 a.m. Saturday, May 19, when a 2011 silver Jeep Liberty four-door SUV was traveling northbound on Ellsworth turning left onto East Broadway, an MCSO release stated.

The Liberty, driven by Ronald Dean Haab, 70, collided with a black 2015 Ford Explorer four-door SUV, driven by Heber Lee Carroll, 66, who was traveling southbound on Ellsworth Road, authorities stated.

After being hit, the Explorer began spinning and jumped the curb of the southwest corner of the intersection striking Kelly Ann Kehinde, 48, and an 8-year-old girl, who were standing on the sidewalk…


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