Girl narrowly escapes injury after driver slams into her home

Seriously? Seriously, how often does stuff like this happen? A driver slams through the wall of a home and into the bedroom of a girl who’s sleeping just inches away. The suspect/driver Daniel Sanchez Patino fled, but of course.

Freak “accident”? Lots of freaks out there… how about: Driving into a classroom (killing 1, injuring 11), driving into a Seven-11 and killing a shopper, walking out the front door of CVS (one dead), or taking a break out in front of the Walgreens where you work (one dead), or rammed at a bus stop (2 dead, one injured), or just out for a stroll on the sidewalk (one dead) / or a jog on sidewalk (one dead). I could go on.  Oiy Veigh. PHOENIX –

A 12-year-old girl escaped serious injury when a driver lost control of his car and it crashed into her home. Essa Bella Clark-Guiboa says it wasn’t the sound of the car plowing through her bedroom wall that woke her up, but the taste of dust in her mouth. “But when I woke up, I had dust in my mouth. I didn’t know what was going on. I’m like, what is going on.. in my mind, I’m like, is it a dream? What’s going on?” In reality, Phoenix Police say 26-year-old Daniel Sanchez Patino was driving drunk down West Campbell in Phoenix and plowed into Essa Bella’s bedroom at about 10 p.m. “After the dust had cleared a little, I’m like, what the heck is that? I got a little closer and I’m like, there’s a car in my bedroom,” she said. Essa’s two mothers came running when the car hit. Their daughter wasn’t hurt and had climbed with her dog Batman through the gaping hole. The driver took off running. Elizabeth Clark and Terri Guiboa drove after him and caught him. What did he tell Terri? “I’m sorry, I’m sorry and then get off me, leave me alone,” she claims. Guiboa held Patino until officers arrived and took him into custody. Now the family is focusing on being thankful.”Did you see how close that was? I mean five more inches.. just five inches or a little harder.. we wouldn’t be.. you’d be talking to us at the hospital right now,” said Guiboa. Clark added, “She’s safe.. she only got a scratch.” “I am so happy to be alive right now.. actually in my own home,” said Essa Bella. Patino is facing six counts ranging from criminal damage, endangerment and extreme DUI. The family is renting this home, but plans to stay if it can be fixed up. And Essa Bella, well she missed school on Monday, but will have a story to tell when she returns on Tuesday.

Is this a traffic crash? I would suppose so since the “first unstabilized event” occurred on the trafficway; e.g. jumped a curb or something. 2013 gets released sometime around June, then we’ll know… incident 11/17/2013 (date? Story ran in AZ rep print edition 11/19) ~ 10PM W Campell.

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  1. For other instances of out of control drivers running into houses, see phoenix#10000680855 and 10000633984 in which the sleeping resident was injured by falling debris.

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