El Mirage bicyclist killed in early morning hit and run

9/4/2018 “early morning hours”. Victim 20 y.o. Cody Nielsen.

The timeline is a bit confusing but apparently he was struck by a hit-and-runner; then sometime later (at least long enough to make a phone call) while apparently lying in the road (otherwise incapacitated?) was struck by a second driver, who remained on the scene. Police have not released any description of the hit-and-runner(?).

I’m not sure where exactly, but the news guy is standing near a newly finished wide arterial road, somewhere near El Mirage City Hall. The crash occurred along El Mirage Road somewhere between Peoria and Olive. The road has three thru lanes in each direction plus a bike lane plus turn lanes.

Presumably, lighting was a factor — he mentions that there’s no (street) lighting in that area.

The current google images might not match, as that area in maps looks like it was under construction.

Here is an azfamily.com news report about a gofundme to benefit the victim.

Crash File

The datafile has some confusing things in it. It is loaded with unknowns, which is presumably because it was hit-and-run. The first driver is understandably listed as 117 years old with an unknown gender. However the 2nd driver is also 117/U — that makes no sense since according to the news report the 2nd driver remained on the scene (as all drivers involved in a crash are required to do). The other driver’s unit data (direction, make/model, etc) are all UNKNOWN — why would that be?

There is no lat/long (For the purposes of the crash map, forced in 33.5733235,-112.3394189 which is somewhere in El Mirage, i thought it was city hall’s coordinates); The location is listed as El Mirage Rd and Dysart Rd which doesn’t make any sense because they seem to be parallel roads.

This is ADOT incident 3455323

so we’ll see what FARS has to say about it.

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