Double fatality in Glendale on Thunderbird

Sunday 7/12/2020 ~ 7:30pm, Near 51st Avenue and Thunderbird Road double bicyclist fatality in a crash.

In a news report nearly devoid of any details other than approximate time and location; no updates as of mid-day.   Glendale Police apparently released some details, including the names of the persons killed, that were reported MOnday afternoon. This describes a right-angle collision at the intersection of 52nd and Thunderbird, the bicycle was southbound on 52nd and was struck after presumably failing to yield by a westbound motorist on Thunderbird.

This area is near ASU West campus; that corner is heavily commercial. Sunset was 7:39PM.


Victims in deadly Glendale crash identified by police
…The crash happened near 52nd Avenue and Thunderbird Road. According to a statement released on July 13, officials identified the victims as 61-year-old Robert Martin Strickbine and his daughter, 13-year-old Kalley.

According to investigators, Strickbine was riding a bicycle and picked up Kalley from a friend’s home, and at the time of the incident was heading south on 52nd Avenue. Investigators say the driver of a Dodge Dart was heading west on Thunderbird in the furthest left lane when she struck the bicycle. Both Strickbine and his daughter were thrown from their bicycle…


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