Crash Injury Rates by Mode of Travel

Graph from cyclingincities / Safety & Travel Mode.

Exposure-based Traffic Crash Injury Rates by Mode of Travel in British Columbia; a 2013 Kay Teschke, et al published article in Can J Public Health (full text freely available).

5 Reasons Why Riding a Bike is Safe / Teschke. Has a slick info-graphic with same data as above “Bicycling is similar in safety to driving and walkin. If you want to maximize safety alone, then transit is the travel choice you should make”.

Note that this is exact same title and conclusions as a study published in 2007…

Relative to passenger vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are 58.3, 2.3, and 1.5 times, respectively, more likely to be fatally injured on a given trip. Bus travel is the safest travel mode

see Crash Injury Rates by Mode of Travel

Fancy InfoGraphic

The Risk of Dying Doing What We Love published a neat chart that compares a broad range of activities; it uses commercial airline travel as the benchmark and attempts to list an exposure (by time) adjusted risk value; i.e. driving is 4X as dangerous, bicycling is 8X as dangerous (i.e. cycling is twice as dangerous as driving in a car). Motorcycling comes out as 100X, i.e. 25 times worse than driving in a car, in line with what Teschke published, above.



One thought on “Crash Injury Rates by Mode of Travel”

  1. Article about a study relating race to crash risk, by mode —

    The full study is fortunately online

    One thing sticks out which is cycling crashes at night or in urban areas because of small sample size (statistically insignificant); only aggregate cycling. The data only goes to 2019.
    After 2019, the RACE field in FARS was blown out into its own table making things that much more complicated going forward.

    They mention some interesting tidbits, including the NHTS as of late includes some sort of collected google location data, this potentially makes the miles traveled more accurate than from the before-time.

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