Childtime Sign Killed

Driver kills Childtime Sign
Driver kills Childtime Sign

A westbound driver apparently failed to negotiate a slight bend in the road and drove up on the sidewalk, killing the Childtime Sign. July 19, 2016 ~ 8AM. Warner Rd, just west of 51st St.

This is the same spot where another dangerous driver drove up on the sidewalk and killed the bus stop structure in February last year.

This sort of careless, dangerous driving goes on all the time, just leaf through the ahwatukee tag and see all manner of destruction that goes on constantly.  It’s  just a tiny sample of the random motoring mayhem that I just randomly happen to notice here in my little corner of the suburbs. Unless someone happens to get killed (usually with some trite remark like “the victim was in the wrong place at the wrong time”) you’ll never hear about them. Like it never happened.

Serious or Fatal Single Vehicle Collision on Warner

Apparent single-vehicle wreck, apparently very serious or fatal; Tempe Police were treating it as a crime scene. Early morning hours of June 20, 2016. (or possibly late night hours of June 19. The road was closed until ~6am). DUI?

Other than a tweet from TPD mentioning the road closing/opening; there appears to have been no media coverage. There were camera trucks there so not sure about why it didn’t show up in news.


It appears the driver of a pickup was traveling at a high rate of speed eastbound Warner Rd when he or she crossed over westbound lanes, mounted the sidewalk and continued traveling in a landscaped area leaving a large gash in a large tree. From the looks of the pickup (pancaked) it appears to have been rolled and/or flipped.

This is in the area of a large Honeywell facility; east of Priest Dr.


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