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Godaddy go slow again?

This picks up where godaddy-troubles-slow-wordpress-grid-hosting-solution left off. Azbikelaw has been on so-called grid hosting from godaddy ever since the migration of Nov 2010. And it’s been pretty good ever since; it’s not blazing fast, e.g. on one particular afternoon saw a full  wordpress homepage load in under 3 seconds; 1st byte at under a second. So, acceptable.  As we learned in Dec of 2014 when problems arose trying to use wordpress on, grid hosting is no longer available for new accounts (i.e. azbikelaw is “grandfathered”). So, at that time to transitioned (albeit manually, I had to reload everything from scratch) to “cPanel” hosting. The pricing is the same. Continue reading Godaddy go slow again?

Fun with tables.

table from mysql -H html output:

InjurySeverity IncidentID IncidentDateTime Onroad CrossingFeature
5 2371350 2010-04-17 01:18:00 99th Ave Camelback Rd
5 2401688 2010-08-13 00:00:00 99th Ave Union Hills Dr
5 2416950 2010-10-31 11:03:00 99th Ave Lindgren Ave

table from myphpadmin:

IncidentID IncidentDateTime Onroad CrossingFeature
2446148 2010-09-23 06:41:00 Via Linda 117th St
2453234 2010-09-23 07:45:00 Missouri Ave 63rd Ave
2445966 2010-09-23 08:22:00 University Dr Hardy Dr
2451975 2010-09-23 11:10:00 Ina Rd La Cholla Blvd
2451005 2010-09-23 13:49:00 Colombo Ave Charleston Rd
2454504 2010-09-23 15:10:00 Glenn St Orlando Ave
2454482 2010-09-23 15:31:00 8th St Tyndall Ave
2453231 2010-09-23 15:44:00 Camelback Rd 79th Ave
2454471 2010-09-23 15:45:00 Oklahoma St 12th Ave
2448706 2010-09-23 16:13:00 3rd Ave Encanto Blvd
2448069 2010-09-23 17:00:00 Delaware Dr Apache Trl

LED bike lights

Advances in LED lighting, and Li-Ion batteries  have made BRIGHT lighting for cyclists reasonable and cost-effective.

The picture doesn’t do it justice; these lights are very very bright; I have been running them in daylight on their lower-power setting and they are quite visible.

The lights I stumbled on are sold on eBay “direct from China”; from seller “lifebike2011” for ~ $30 (the price has been going down) for a kit that includes a light head; handlebar mount; head strap (that i’ve never used or tried) and a 4-cell Li-Ion battery pack (which is wired in parallel, by the way; i.e. nominal voltage is 4VDC). Continue reading LED bike lights

Ug another godaddy problem

[ok, so it’s not exactly correct to blame Godaddy. this is something they (godaddy) is doing for security purposes to try and prevent various types of attacks on their servers; which we godaddy customers should appreciate, even if troublesome.
Update: I called in the morning early of 9/26/2013. They are totally aware of the problem. I had turned on my error logs last night but strangely they were and still were empty; supposedly the tech said they will look into that. Other than that they pretty much said it *should* be fixed within 48 hours. As of 1130am it does look good; so i’m not sure if something was actually generally fixed , or if they just whitelised my ip — the tech did want my ip address so that’s a possibility]

Manifests itself in chrome browser as “No data received” (or as “This page can’t be displayed” in IE) when trying to publish or update a post in wordpress, and is (annoyingly) intermittent. Continue reading Ug another godaddy problem