Bicyclist Diversion Programs Around Arizona

In several jurisdictions around Arizona, bicyclists who are cited for an infraction can have their tickets dismissed by attending a bicyclist safety class. This is a win-win: the fines are either much lower (or none at all?!), and the bicyclist gets exposed to a training course. Various limitations apply, generally you can have no more than one ticket per year dismissed in this way.

Unlike the Defensive Driver Program [information on TSS Traffic Safety School and DDP/DDS Defensive Driving Program/School was moved to driving-school], which is enabled by statute, these bicyclist-specific programs are completely ad-hoc, and the rules and red-tape are very flexible and minimal. Here are the programs currently available in Arizona:

City of

which seem to be run out of the courts exclusively, and in fact the city attorney’s office tells me they have nothing whatsoever to do with civil traffic. This costs $40 + $15, much cheaper than paying the ticket but still fairly pricey. The class is given by administered by the ASU police department at ASU and is now online only; it applies to tickets issued anywhere in city of Tempe.[rates as of mid 2018: $50 + $18]
See comment below for the .ppt used in the online class.

Pima County now says, retrieved Sept 2015, (these links die a lot!) “Bicycle diversion classes are reserved for persons who’ve received a traffic citation while riding their bike. The City Prosecutor’s Office will dismiss a cyclist’s civil traffic citation if he or she submits proof of completion of the Bicycle Diversion Program safety class which is now being offered by EZAZ Traffic School. Call 520-207-3200 to register. Please note that there is a fee of $39 for the class. If you were cited into the Green Valley Justice Court…”.

Note this is a change, and as of sometime in 2015, instructors are no longer LCIs. And the class now lumps ped violators with bicyclist violators — which seems quite stupid and reflects a mentality that bicyclists are rolling peds.

Town of Oro Valley
According to this USDot “Mayor’s Challenge” flyer (the town was named a “small city winner” by USDot) as of spring 2016 … Oro Valley Court apparently has a bicyclist diversion program: “As part of the bicycle safety effort, the Oro Valley Court created a new educational diversion program for bicyclists who received bicycle traffic citations”.

City of Tucson and scroll down to BIKE SAFETY DIVERSION PROGRAM “the City Prosecutor’s Office will dismiss a cyclist’s civil traffic citation…” This is apparently FREE(!? no court fees, no class fee) [link dead as of Sept 2015; leaving here for posterity]

UofA and Pima County: “you may be eligible to attend the County Attorney’s Bicycle Diversion Program” This is apparently FREE(!? no court fees, no class fee). By the way, I don’t know the ins-and-outs but apparently the UofA campus falls under county jurisdiction for some reason. [link dead as of Sept 2015; leaving here for posterity]

Flagstaff: No details, but a program was announced in an 8/2/2015 news story. Here’s a page on FBO’s site (the link to the form is dead)


Both of the Tucson and Pima ones seem to run completely out of the respective prosecutor’s office, as opposed to, say, Tempe where it is run via the municipal court. Here is a flyer with some general info from the Pima Co. Bike Ped program.

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See also do-points-apply-to-bicyclists for a controversy about whether or not driver’s license points can be applied to a person (who has a license) for an infraction incurred while riding a bicycle.

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  1. Bike tickets should only be given in case of an accident! This is the TPD Nazi’s crushing poor people who cannot afford a car! Tickets for riding on sidewalks or wrong side of the street are OUTRAGEOUS! I’ve been riding a bike for 61 yrs…I am responsible for my safety NOT the government! I ignored all three tickets I got .They took my drivers license away twice…So what I haven’t owned a car for yrs. This is government oppression not safety! LIVE FREE OR DIE! Refuse to respond to government overreach! I am responsible for my safety….NOT YOU!!! I owe 975.00 in bike tickets and would go to jail before I pay…All free wheeler s revolt against the TPD Nazi’s!!!

  2. The Gov. doesn’t care about my safety they just don’t want to do the paperwork if I get hit or die on my bike! I would like to see the stats on bike accidents and there damage and or costs…This is a tempest in a teapot!Lets sees drug dealers,car thieves folks breaking into my house…cant bother with that I’m busy give cyclists tickets in the name of public safety…hogwash!

  3. City of Tempe: An attendee of diversion forwarded me this info —
    The online bicycle diversion course offered through ASU consists of viewing the attached presentation and then completing a quiz that is very straightforward after viewing the presentation. There was also a video version of the presentation without any narration that lasted 8 minutes 44 seconds.
    A .ppt version of the presentation can be viewed here:
    Presented by the ASU Police Department
    Bike Safety Court Diversion Class

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