Bicyclist dies after rear-ending parked trailer

bicyclistRearEndsTrailer7/24/2015 Far northwest Valley. Maricopa Co Sheriff investigated. I had missed this news item at the time:

Fox10: Bicyclist seriously injured after hitting back of truck

And showed up on review of the 2015 ASDM data.

It is my understanding that this is a non-traffic incident, since it didn’t involve a motor vehicle “in transport” and is incorrectly included in ASDM; and will likely be excluded from FARS when the time comes. See this very similar 2008 fatal bicyclist incident, which was excluded from FARS (I don’t know if it was excluded from ASDM, I don’t have data before 2009). UPDATE: this incident is included in FARS, I’m not sure why.

With regard to the data in the asdm database, it lists the parked truck’s unit action as “PROPERLY PARKED”. We could probably say that’s not correct.  The unit type of the truck is DRIVERLESS (which is correct for a parked vehicle). However, and I need to doublecheck — but is probably not correct: there’s a person type listed associated with the truck as DRIVER of age 255 (not known/unreported). The non-motorist locations is listed as IN ROADWAY, which is possibly not correct, I’m not sure if this is a shoulder or a Bike lane but either of those seem more likely; though it’s possible  the cyclist struck just at the far left corner of the trailer.

In FARS, and again, not sure why this is included with FARS it’s listed as a BICYCLIST OVERTAKING crash type. THey have the cyclist’s position as Bike Lane/Shoulder (in the fars pbcat table, there’s no distinction between the two).

2006 Trailer-strike fatality

This june 28, 2006 very similar fatal incident was brought to my attention much later. 16 y.o. competitive cyclist Grant Davis died of injuries

“after spending several days in a coma. He suffered extensive brain damage and a broken neck June 28 (2006) when he ran into a trailer parked on the side of North Oracle Road about one-quarter mile north of Rancho Vistoso Boulevard in Oro Valley.” —


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