Driver carries body several blocks before fleeing

suspect Ronald Hays turned himself in to police a couple of days after the fatal hit-and-run

Sun April 29, 2018 ~ 10:30pm. Van Buren, near 27th Avenue, Phoenix. Fatal hit-and-run victim Isela Ortega.

Horrific witness video shows a hit-and-run driver carrying the body of victim on top of car for several blocks. and then driving away after it fell off. The victim’s family is hoping someone can identify the driver, and/or encourages the driver to come forward.

…Police say the four-door car is described as a 2005-2010 light grey or silver Chrysler 300, with front end and windshield damage… The driver of the vehicle is described as a man, 20-25 years old, 5’11” to 6′ tall, weighing 150-200 pounds, and with shaved or very short light brown or blonde hair. Police: Suspect sought in deadly hit-and-run of woman

22 y.o. Ronald Hays turned himself in to Phoenix Police sometime Tuesday; a couple of days after the hit-and-run death.


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  1. years back the victum was through the windshield. found parked at offenders home who didnt seem to notice anything. so they said. beam me up PLEASE!

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