4 dead in I-17 wrong-way crash near Flagstaff

A driver driving the wrong way on the freeway killed all four occupants of the other vehicle. Police have not revealed why they think driver was driving the wrong way, however, they did note that this year

“…DPS arrested 52 people suspected of driving the wrong way… Ultimately, each of the 52 drivers arrested was found to be impaired”.

So, 100% of wrong-way drivers were impaired. Wrong way driving appears to be an impaired driver problem.

Victims of fatal I-17 wrong-way crash near Flagstaff identified  …Christen Ebert, 26, Richard Chum, 30, Gary Sindhu, 29, and Kouang Saefong, 30, were traveling north along I-17 south of Munds Park at approximately 4 a.m. when their Nissan collided with a Jeep that was driving the wrong way, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety…
The driver of the Jeep, Carlos Quinones, 19, of Casa Grande, was injured and taken to Flagstaff Medical Center for treatment. The extent of his injuries has not been disclosed… DPS officials said the investigation into the crash was ongoing…


One thought on “4 dead in I-17 wrong-way crash near Flagstaff”

  1. Comment on the AZ Central article:
    According to the article, those who are arrested driving the wrong way are ultimately found to be driving impared. They are not subject to publicity unless one or more people died in a crash. About 1000 wrong way drivers self correct and are not arrested. How many of those were driving under the influence? Where is the outrage? Some say, “Clinton lied and 4 Americans died!” What do we say about those who choose to drive under the influence and kill about 10,000 Americans a year? Do we care as much about the 10,000? I don’t see that we do. Therefore, we have to install countermeasures on our freeways in an attempt to reduce the death toll, because many drivers simply don’t care.

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