More head-on freeway deaths

This time the wrong-way driver killed two; bringing the death toll for the three incidents in a week to SEVEN in three incidents.

Sun May 18, 2014 ~ 2a: The wrong way pickup driver,  68-year-old Patricia Murphy killed  Michael Ruquet, 25, and his passenger Ashley Adea, 20 both of Mesa. Murphy had a passenger, her 9-year-old grandson; both are expected to survive

Nothing was mentioned about impairment — we’re waiting to hear on both this and the 2nd incident. In the first incident, the driver was .24 BAC according to DPS.

The most sensible thing i read in the news piece regading an emergency meeting of state safety officials was “Roger Vanderpool, a former DPS director, said the string of collisions suggests that agencies need more officers patrolling the roads to catch impaired drivers before they get on freeways” — but that costs money, and oh people love to drive drunk.

See second-wrong-way-driver-this-week-kills-3-on-freeway

More on wrong way / head on

As might be expected, there are continuing media reports Officials: No quick fix can stop wrong-way drivers “National studies have concluded 75 percent of wrong-way collisions involve impaired drivers and aggressive police enforcement against driving under the influence is certainly part of the solution, (DPS spokesperson officer Carrick) Cook said”.

I’ve seen (already) the newer, lower (bigger? i guess they’re the same size, just look bigger when lower) WRONG WAY signs posted at freeway exits near me (Ray Rd exits of I-10).

NTSB Report on Wrong-Way Driving

Highway Special Investigation Report: Wrong-Way Driving

The principal findings concerning wrong-way driving are as follows:
More than half, and possibly as many as three-quarters, of wrong-way drivers are impaired by alcohol. NTSB analysis of FARS data found that 60 percent of fatal crashes involve drivers impaired by alcohol; moreover, due to missing BAC data, that percentage is underreported…

The report also notes drug impairment statistics are very squishy for multiple reasons: many drivers aren’t even tested, as well as there gamut of legal but impairing drugs to illicit.

Their 2nd, presumably a distant 2nd, leading principal finding involves drivers over 70 being over-represented; i.e. a cognitive impairment.

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  1. Or the cities could stop encouraging drunk driving as they do when they require alcohol-oriented establishments to overbuild their parking lots. Has a lawyer ever used this to defend a DUI charge?

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