Wrong-way freeway driver drama continues

Latest incident early morning hours of Friday Oct 17, 2014 when an un-named female 25 year old was suspected of being impaired, driving the wrong way on I-10 from 143 to downtown Phoenix, and causing 4 serious-to-critical injuries. Authorities are doing a very good job of protecting suspects’ identities, for some reason.

Emphasis on technical fixes seems to be mis-directed; the underlying problem seems to be impaired driving, and not that the signs aren’t big enough or whatever.


The Valley’s latest wrong-way driver caused a domino effect of accidents early Friday morning, one that involved flying debris, five vehicles and ultimately four hospitalized people.

The suspected wrong-way driver, a 25-year-old woman, is now the subject of a DUI investigation and joins several others believed to have been impaired prior to entering Valley highways on exit ramps this year.

The accident came as officials work to combat the issue of wrong-way driving after a deadly string of incidents in May.

…The issue of wrong-way driving was thrust into the Valley spotlight after three crashes claimed seven lives from May 12 through May 18.

…There have been at least nine wrong-way crashes this year, but none of the drivers at fault has been charged, officials said.

The last bit leaves the impression that these driver won’t be charged. One is dead, and the others are awaiting recovery from very serious injuries before the county attorney will move forward with the charges — which are, make no mistake, very serious (2nd Degree Murder is normally charged in dui-causing-death incidents), and very common.