Bicyclist hit by dump truck in Phoenix, killed

This is an “INVISIBLE” cyclist — meaning I had missed the news story at the time and only found it later by searching on location; the incident occurred 2/13/2013.

ASDM incident 2784358,   The Crash Report which is  file number 201300261972 City of Phoenix incident 13000261972 is available.  The cyclist was, as usual, faulted for “OTHER” , which is the all purpose police explanation for when a cyclist isn’t doing anything illegal. and written in it says “Riding in Crosswalk w(illegible)”.

A few other oddities, it wasn’t received by adot until December (seems long; though i wanted to check and see if that’s “normal” for a fatal, maybe?)

Bicyclist hit by dump truck, killed

Police are investigating a fatal collision between a (SRP; according to other news reports) dump truck and a bicyclist that occurred Wednesday morning in Phoenix.

The cyclist, Luis Edwardo Santalla [ACR says name is Santaella], 20, was killed following the collision at North 19th Avenue and West Broadway Road just before 8 a.m., said James Holmes, a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department.

Santalla was riding his bicycle west in the south crosswalk [I read this to mean “counter-flow”]. The driver of the dump truck hit Santalla as the truck was turning south onto 19th Avenue from the west [I read that to mean truck was EB, and turned right], Holmes said.

This is the exact Maxwell scenario — Phoenix police error by assigning fault to the cyclist; and further error by assigning “NO IMPROPER” to the driver. The driver should have been faulted for failure to yield.


FARS is consistent : counter-flow / crosswalk / crashtype “Motorist right Turn – Opposite Direction”.

Of course FARS does not make any assignement of fault.

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