Arrest made in boy’s hit-and-run parking lot death

[Update:  Driver Mabior Ding,  was sentenced  to 10 years in prison and five years supervised probation, as part of a plea deal; charges of manslaughter and leaving the scene of a fatal collision There is/was some suggestion or confusion that leaving the scene cannot apply to private property??  Also notable, this incident does NOT appear in official traffic records; perhaps because it was private property(?)]

Phew, the horrendous news just keeps on coming
An 11-year old boy was killed May 25(?), 2013. The driver initially tried to help the victim, but then fled the scene. The boy was walking with his mother in the an apartment complex parking lot when he became pinned to a cinder block wall by a driver backing up. Killed while walking in a parking lot? Seriously, how often does stuff like this happen?

There have been a string/spate of hit-and-run incidents lately. Consider, just in the past month or two, and just in Arizona: a bicyclist seriously injured in Casa Grande last month, a Phoenix Police Officer (pedestrian) killed last week, a bicyclist near Tucson killed by a redlight runner just a few days ago, and a bicyclist killed in Phoenix just this past Friday (police are still seeking a suspect, AFAIK). I almost forgot the crazy woman last month who killed a bicyclist on Usery Pass, kept going only to run a red light a few miles later, killing a motorist. This is just a sampling, of course, there are thousands of motor vehicle hit-and-runs every year just in Arizona, and while it’s clear the pedestrian-victims are over-represented, it also includes a dozen or so motorist deaths — driver-on-driver violence.

(Special note to remember for ASDM purposes; this occurred entirely on private property). So I just got around to checking on this (as of 7/8/2014) I do NOT see this fatality listed. ! ? There’s a comment below with the query in it. This sort of stinks. I’ve labeled this incident with the ‘non-traffic’ tag. I called Phx records and they told me the incident number is 201300927270,  on Phoenix’s ‘TAR‘ site must search for 1300927270 and one of the names and the report pops right up. So… There is an ACR, it is unknown (by me) if phx sent it to adot and adot suppressed it, or if phx never sent it in the first place.

Phoenix police said a man believed to have walked away from a hit-and-run crash that killed an 11-year-old boy turned himself in to police Tuesday morning. An 11-year-old boy has died after being pinned by a car to a block wall. Phoenix police said the driver of an Isuzu Amigo was backing out of a parking space in the south parking lot of the Fountainhead Apartments at 4326 N. 35th Ave. when he collided with the boy, who was walking with his mother.
Mabior Ding, 32, faces possible charges of manslaughter and leaving the scene of a fatal collision after Enoc Quejada was pinned to a cinder block wall by an SUV that was backing out of an apartment parking space, said Phoenix Police Sgt. Trent Crump.
Police said Ding allegedly tried to back up from the Fountainhead Apartments while a security “Club” was still attached to the steering wheel and brake pedal of a 1999 Isuzu Amigo about 7:45 p.m. Friday.
Enoc was walking with his mother and became pinned between the wall and the SUV at 4326 N. 35th Ave.
Witnesses told police the suspect got out of the SUV and helped pull the child from under the vehicle, but then walked away from the scene. Witnesses told police they believe alcohol might have been a factor.
Enoc was taken to a hospital, where he died a short time later from his injuries.
On March 24, a witness came to police headquarters and told police he owned the vehicle and was there when Ding drove it into the wall and fled. He claimed to have been drinking with Ding that night. On March 25, Ding came into the police station for an interview and requested an attorney.

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  1. This incident does NOT appear in official crash data / ASDM (and presumably will not appear in FARS). Perhaps because it occurred in a parking lot?

    listed out all ped fatalities in chronological order; the incident date was on or about May 25, 2013; in Phx (214); street should be something like 35th AVE. Nothing fits that description

    SELECT IncidentID,IncidentDateTime,CityId,Onroad,CrossingFeature FROM 2013_incident i WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM 2013_unit u WHERE u.IncidentID=i.IncidentID AND u.eUnitType IN ('PEDESTRIAN')) AND InjurySeverity=5 ORDER BY IncidentDateTime

    As a side note: this query yields 159 results (i.e. there were 159 fatal ped incidents/crashes in 2013) — whereas ADOT Arizona Crash Facts 2013 lists 158/158 (crashes / persons killed), see p.41.

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