Stupid Things People Won’t Say

A motorist was fatally injured when a plane crashed into the rear-end of a stopped vehicle.

ABCnews / AP April 3, 2016  The Lancair IV landed on its belly and skidded about 250 feet before striking the rear of a black Nissan Altima that was stopped on the shoulder of the road in San Diego County near Fallbrook… The impact crumpled the back of the car, fatally crushing Antoinette Isbelle, 38, of San Diego in the back seat and injuring three others in the vehicle, authorities said… The stretch of freeway is no stranger to unusual landings. CHP spokesman Parent said he’s aware of three other planes that have come down on that stretch of freeway…


Dead Right: That motorist had every right to be there. Dead Right.

Too Dangerous: It’s just too dangerous to be driving on the road nowadays. or I’m through with driving, it’s just too dangerous.

Victim should have known better: Planes have landed there before.

Winning: When a plane and car crash, the plane wins.

Mixing: Planes and cars just don’t mix.

Special Lanes: There really ought to be motorist-only lanes (motortracks, or protected motorways) to keep them safely separated from planes.

I’m a motorist: I’m a motorist, but I am always courteous to planes. I would never stop my car on the shoulder, in fact, that’s why i only use a sidewalk or trail.

I’m a pilot and a motorist: I’m both a pilot and a motorist and I know when I’m driving I need to keep out of the way of planes. After all, planes and cars don’t mix, and when there’s a plane-car crash the plane always wins.

OSHP Video

7/29/2016: Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper Jim Smith, 52,  was injured during a routine traffic stop when driver James Martin, 80, of Highland Heights rammed the rear end of the troopers stopped vehicle (with flashing emergency lights activated), and striking the trooper who was standing outside of the car he just stopped chatting with its driver. Graphic dashcam video captures the wreck.

Stupid things people won’t say:

  • “Sure, the driver shouldn’t have rammed into him… but the pedestrian (the trooper) was standing in the middle of the road where cars drive” (superiority complex)
  • I don’t mind sharing the road with pedestrians, as long as they stay out of the way; if the pedestrian (trooper) had stayed out of the way, he wouldn’t have been hit or hurt (victim blaming)

Driver drives with Tree in Car

Didn't see it?
Didn’t see it? photo Roselle Police Dept.

“The motorist, Maryann Christy, 54, … Schaumburg, told police that she struck the tree somewhere in her hometown, but didn’t remember where, Tarchala said. Schaumburg is just north of Roselle…. She was cited for driving under the influence…”. Oh, and She drove about 5 MILES with tree stuck in car before DUI arrest, and with the airbag deployed.

  • I guess she didn’t see the tree. Or perhaps the tree suddenly swerved in front of her.



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