Police: DUI suspect left Mesa wreck with victim on hood

oh my. Alledged  drinking / Percoset / aggravated DUI / child abuse, fleeing the scene, resisting…

That was the scene in Mesa on Tuesday 4/7/2015 afternoon.

Should this woman be driving? — I mean should she have a drivers license? 

Criminal Case

Here’s the 6/10/2015 Sentencing document; it was pursuant to a plea deal. She plead guilty to Aggravated DUI and Endangerment,  these are both felony crimes. Humorously these are considered “non-dangerous” crimes in the plea deal, so the Prosecutor and Judge are ok with saying Aggravated DUI isn’t dangerous, and endangerment isn’t dangerous; which allows very light sentencing. Two years of probation (for each crime, but of course it’s concurrent). The Hit-and-run charge and one of the endangerment charges were dropped as part of the deal.

In case minute 8/10/2017 “Defendant admits violation of probation for condition 16”; yet sentence continues to be suspended (continues to not go to jail). You might wonder why she had a probation problem more than two years after her sentence. Well it seems that she violated probation before.

Back on 10/7/2016 the same admission; that time her probation was also not revoked.

That condition apparently is “16. I will not consume or possess any substances containing alcohol”, see Section 6-207: Uniform Conditions of Supervised Probation

What does a criminal need to do to get their probation revoked?

Back in 2014 she had a guilty of Liquor in vehicle  (and FTA) in Kingman justice CR-20140147. Then the aggravated DUI in 2015, then two probation violations for consuming alcohol.

news stories:

Police: DUI suspect left Mesa wreck with victim on hood “…A police helicopter found the car a short time later and police said Querta was speeding, making unsafe lane changes and failing “to obey traffic control devices,” according to court records. Police stopped Querta’s car near Longmore and Broadway Road. Officers said she showed signs of impairment, including slurred speech, bloodshot eyes and the strong odor of alcohol, according to a police report. Officers also confirmed the other driver’s report that there was a small child in the car without a car seat. Querta resisted police attempts to draw her blood and required six officers to hold her down, police said.”

PD: Woman leaves crash scene with driver clinging to roof

KPHO/KTVK – A woman suspected of drunken driving fled the scene of a crash in Mesa on Tuesday afternoon with the operator of the other car she hit hanging onto her roof, police said.

The driver who the woman said had jumped onto her car told police while he was holding on, he saw a child who was crying and appeared terrified unrestrained in the front seat, according to the arresting officer’s report.

Several people told officers they saw Kasana Querta, 25, collide with the other car that had stopped in the area of 1200 W. Rio Salado at around 3:45 p.m.

Querta drove a short distance until the driver who was attached to her vehicle was able to let go, police said.

A witness was able to keep an eye on the vehicle until the Mesa police helicopter was able to locate the motorist in the area of 1245 W. Main. Officers aboard the chopper said Querta committed multiple traffic violations, including speeding, unsafe lane changes and failure to obey traffic control devices.

When police finally stopped Querta’s vehicle, they confirmed her 4-year-old son was not buckled in and there were no signs of a car seat.

Querta said she took Percocet early in the morning and again in the afternoon, officers said. She said she also was aware that the driver was attached to her car when she left the accident scene, telling officers “he jumped on the car.”

Officers booked her into jail on charges of child abuse, endangerment, aggravated DUI, aggressive driving, failing to comply with a court order and failing to stay at the scene of an accident.

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