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There are tens of thousands of DUI arrests per year in AZ (39,746 in 2013 to be more precise). And that’s not counting the many of the over ten thousand hit-and-run drivers reported each year in AZ (11,402 in 2010 to be more precise), all of whom are criminals, thousands of them serious felons, few of whom are ever caught or charged. (hit-and-run from a collision with any injury is a felony, if the injury is serious or fatal the felony is likewise serious).

We only hear about a tiny sliver of these multitude of car crimes, e.g. when it’s somehow connected to public figure, or when a DUI driver causes a death or serious injury, which is so frequent we don’t even hear about all of those. Just in 2013, there were 219 drunk driver involved fatalities in Arizona, 1/3rd of all traffic deaths that year — that’s the most stringent definition; there were 280 deaths using the “old” definition, NHTSA.

Police try to do their best; what have policy-makers done? Traffic deaths remain the leading cause of death for many Americans; meanwhile where the US was once an safety leader (decades ago) now lags further and further behind traffic safety improvements made by virtually all other developed nations.

We see the latest incident involving a professional football player in Scottsdale;  accused of being so impaired, awaiting blood results — for which a warrant had to be obtained because he refused a draw. We are also told he’s had some other traffic problems in his past, noted in the article a DUI incident in 2011 ( blowing a 0.19; according to an ESPN article ). Not mentioned was a criminal speeding charge in 2013 (speed > 85mph) in Desert Ridge Justice Court which was plead down to speeding.

Body cam of the incident along with blood results of 0.217 BAC came out 12/21/2016. Anything above 0.15 is “extreme” DUI and there’s an increased penalty for above 0.20; 28-1382.

Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd arrested on DUI charge in Scottsdale
Megan Janetsky , The Republic | 4:12 p.m. MST December 12, 2016
Arizona Cardinals receiver Michael Floyd was arrested in Scottsdale early Monday…  Floyd, 27, was found at the wheel of a 2017 Cadillac Escalade near Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard at 2:48 a.m. Monday, police said. The SUV was running and Floyd appeared to be unconscious, according to Sgt. Kevin Watts, police spokesman…

A Scottsdale police officer reported finding Floyd asleep behind the wheel with his foot on the brake, head back, eyes closed and mouth open. The officer said it took three tries to rouse the driver.

Police said Floyd wouldn’t comply with basic commands and, at one point, had to be physically removed from the SUV. Floyd’s Escalade was impounded by the city and towed.

Officers obtained a warrant for Floyd’s blood after he refused to submit to a blood-alcohol breath test or blood draw, the police report showed. Floyd alternately claimed to have two glasses of wine either on the plane home from Miami… or at the W Hotel in downtown Scottsdale, according to the report.

Floyd was suspended from Notre Dame’s football team in March 2011 after being arrested while driving at nearly twice the legal limit.


Case Information
Case Number: TR2013-104060 Judge: Jayne, Clancy
File Date: 1/23/2013 Location: Desert Ridge Justice Court
Case Type: Criminal Traffic Case Status: Adjudicated

Party Information
Party Name Relationship Sex Attorney
Michael Aaron bowser Floyd Defendant Male
(1) State Of Arizona Plaintiff N/A
Disposition Information
Party Name ARSCode Description Crime Date Disposition Code Disposition Date
Michael Aaron bowser Floyd 28-701.02A3 (M) EXCEED 85 MPH 1/15/2013 5:50:00 AM 67 Charge amended. 3/18/2013
Michael Aaron bowser Floyd 28-701A (T1) SPEED/REASONABLE AND PRUDENT 1/15/2013 5:50:00 AM 11 Plea of guilty or responsible; sentence imposed. 3/18/2013
Case Documents
Filing Date Description Docket Date Filing Party
1/23/2013 CIT – Citation 1/23/2013
Case Calendar
Date Time Event Result
2/27/2013 8:30 Arraignment Hearing Pretrial Set
3/18/2013 9:00 Pre-Trial Conference Plea Agreement


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