Man on bicycle killed in hit-and-run CC Drive in Mesa

5/4/2021 “shortly after midnight”. Not much to go on here. No vehicle description…

A driver southbound on Country Club near Eighth Ave, Mesa struck and killed a bicyclist. The driver left the scene.


Man on bicycle killed in hit-and-run near Mesa intersection
…Mesa Police Department spokesman Detective Nik Rasheta said in an email the man was struck near Country Club Drive and Eighth Avenue shortly after midnight… Officers found the unidentified, injured man lying in the street. He had been struck by a vehicle heading southbound on Country Club.


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  1. The problem is huge the solution simple, the bike rider as well as the auto driver need to have clear and consistent laws on what they are to do with each other. The forum for this teaching could be a tv station that could provide 24x 7 training and stating of the laws which would include bike rights and obligations as well as the full drivers ed course. I have watched many stations which repeat shows over and over and I end up getting the complete gist of the show eventually if by absorption if nothing else. Knowing the rules and having them stated often will save lives and standardize what the road user is to do when things crop up. It is common sense and that seems to be lacking in most everything we are doing these days.

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