Driver Sentenced: Phoenix police officer dies in fatal hit-and-run

vehicleRaetzHitAndRunFatality Although it seems obvious that police work is dangerous because there are bad guys with guns trying to kill them; roughly the same number of  policeman killed in the line of duty die as the result of a traffic collision than by being shot (or stabbed)…. Original story…


The driver of the SUV that killed Officer Daryl Raetz pleaded no contest to Neg Hom and i guess leaving the scene. Sentence was 8 years prison followed by 7 years supervised probation. Though it goes on to say “Molina could possibly serve only three-and-a-half years probation if he behaves appropriately and follows probation restrictions, the judge said” (I initially mis-read this, thinking it said 3 1/2 prison, and that didn’t make any sense but that’s not what it said)  — azcentral. As usual no mention of any license revocation.

Case minute for the deal is at  CR2013425418 (for some reason this was same case deprecated CR2013422750)… see minute 9/26/2014. Count 1 is “slightly” aggravated (I never saw that one before)… 8 years is somewhat long for neg hom. As usual there is no incarceration for the hit-and-run, a class 2 felony, just probation.

It seems like no one has ever said what made this Neg Hom (or manslaughter) — was Molina impaired? (that’s a rhetorical question — prosecutors won’t go fora homicide charge unless they believe the perp is impaired).



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