Mesa woman killed in bike lane

Never made the newspapers / news reports, or at least not that I can find by googling!?? What’s become of our traditional news media? Did Mesa police keep this info to themselves?

according to sources on 12/14/2014 Helen Brandes-Weeks 66/F was killed by an apparently inattentive driver who struck her from behind in the bike lane on Ellsworth northbound between Elliot and Guadalupe… near Harvest Community Church [google maps]


Coding was consistent with the above info.

One odd thing is the Collision Manner is coded as SIDESWIPE, see adot incident #2910925. This sounds correct, but is irregular with respect to virtually all bicyclist (and ped) fatalities for the past many years — which are nearly always coded as OTHER. See this comment, issue 1). For why this is, see also MMUCC.

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  1. This makes me so sad. People just aren’t paying attention! I ride some to get in shape and I enjoy the fresh air. It really worries me the lack of attention paid. Clearly it can cost a life… And why wasn’t this in the news? It raises awareness… Saw a bike accident ( other than the one on Fox10) at Ellsworth and Baseline. If anyone had news, praying the cyclist survived.

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