Mesa cyclist killed in unknown collision

I found it only because it appears in asdm data for 2014. Nothing else googles up. It seems to be missing from FARS(??)


I found this while reconciling the 2014 data, this is adot incident=2834788

There are many, many, many unknowns in the data. It is (or should be) quite an embarrassment to Mesa PD.

It is not listed as a hit-and-run, though given the large amount of unknown data, it seems like it would almost have to be, e.g. the driver’s age is 113 and gender is unknown, so i tagged it as missing.

There is a specific location indicated, both by name, and by lat/long: at the intersection of Brown and Harris, Mesa.

Both units say UNKNOWN violation/behavior; though the cyclist was most at fault (unit 1).


So it gets curiouser. This incident is nowhere to be found, or at least I can’t find it, in FARS. How can that be?

This incident probably never happened

Since ADOT revised fatalities for 2014 upward by 1 (when they issued Crash Facts 2015) it may be that this incident never happened (i mean, in the way it was coded into asdm), and that the other two “missing” (from asdm) incidents from 2014 were found in the meantime. [ADOT only gives me asdm at a point-in-time, e.g. May 30th of the following year.] So 28 minus 1 plus 2 = 29.