Head-on collision sends 3 to hospital

photo: YCSO
photo: YCSO

Cornville Road Head-on collision sends 3 to hospital; just coincidentally this is the same road and very near where cyclist Ethelyn Hartline was killed in 2014 when a motorist failed to overtake her safely.

The driver who police say caused the crash was cited for “Failure to Drive in the Proper Lane, and Causing Serious Physical Injury during a Moving Violation”. That second part would have to be 28-672, a minor criminal misdemeanor that has penalties that can include license suspension, and traffic survival school, as well as a small amount of restitution. I’m unclear what is particular statute the proper lane business refers to — 28-672 has a specific list of enabling violations. It would most likely be 28-729(1) which requires not moving from a lane unless it can be done safely. Crossing a double-yellow is also illegal (statute?), but that’s not a ‘672-enabler.

I am making note of this motorist-injury collision for a couple of reasons: The huge amount of property damage contrasted with the, although serious, relatively minor injuries. The magic of airbags, along with the fact that both vehicles were sedans (and not, say, trucks, or light trucks) one would guess. That it is a 28-672. And the notion that motorist have little reason to drive carefully, i.e. the risks imposed on others (“involuntary risk”) are close to free to the person causing the risk.

Head-on collision sends 3 to hospital
The initial investigation, according to a news release from YCSO, indicates that the BMW, driven by 19-year-old Julian Dallen from Cottonwood, crossed into oncoming traffic after he fell asleep… The driver of the Hyundai sedan, a 41-year-old Rimrock woman, had no time to avoid the wrong way driver and was injured following the collision. She suffered several broken bones and was transported to Flagstaff Medical Center in serious condition for expected surgery…

Dallen was cited for Failure to Drive in the Proper Lane and Causing Serious Physical Injury during a Moving Violation.


This appears to be the original press release from Dwight DEvelyn, YCSO Media Relations Coordinator. Notably, both the release and the news item do not contain the a-word.

Citation / Charges


filed 11/9/2015 Court:Verde Valley Justice TR-20155773

This would be statutes 28-729(1) / 28-672

Previous Headon on Cornville Road

There was a fatal motorist headon 5/8/2013 in the same section of Cornville Road. (The MV-bicyclist fatality mentioned above was not head-on)



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