[verdict] Fatality in Tucson — driver was reportedly “weaving”

[Verdict April 12, 2010] The driver who killed Drake Okusako plead guilty, and received a 4-year prison sentence. “On March 1 he (Segebartt) entered guilty pleas before Pima County Superior Court Judge Deborah Bernini to the leaving the scene charge and a reduced negligent homicide charge”

[UPDATE June 9, 2009] Well, I have to eat my words, earlier I cynically said the results of the investigation “…should be entertaining. Entertaining to see them [Pima county prosecutors] dance around why they are not bringing a homicide charge”. tusconbikelawyer reports that the driver was indicted for manslaughter . That will likely be in addition to hit-and-run charges, which is in itself a serious crime. If found guilty of both, judges tend to make the sentences concurrent. So, kudos to the Pima county justice system, the prosecutor and TPD. I also note this is very speedy, the collision was May 29, that’s under two weeks.

According to news reports according to the police;19 y.o. Jesse J. Segebartt was reported to be weaving and abruptly changing lanes when he apparently lost control and entered the bike lane (which is actually a shoulder — this is Tucson after all) and struck and killed 55 y.o. Drake G. Okusako. After a brief pause, he drove off. He was apprended a short time later hiding at a nearby apartment complex.

These descriptions would seem to indicate recklessness. A lengthy investigation will undoubtedly ensue, the result of which should be entertaining. Entertaining to see them dance around why they are not bringing a homicide (scroll down to ‘recklessly’) charges.

This has caused an understandable stir in the Tucson bicyling community.

Since the driver left the scene; I’m afraid that will give the prosecutor cover for not filing more serious charges. It’s an “easy out” for them.

The Arizona Daily Star dutifully reports that the victim was wearing a helmet.

the collision occured southbound Alvernon Way, near East Broadway.

The Arizona Crash Report is TPD case 0905290146.

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