Driver who killed Tucson bicyclist given 33 years

Historical incident. Backdated.

9/4/2011  ~ 900am. victim: Albert Eugene Brack was killed riding his bicycle east on Escalante Road near the intersection of S Calexico Avenue, Tucson.

Some other info on

The ADOT data show location as dedicated BL. (it might actually be a shoulder, but there’s little distinction for the purposes of this crash); a motorist “drifted” from the general purpose travel lane into the space where a same-direction bicyclist was traveling

In terms of sentencing, I’m not sure how they get minimum/max of 25/36. Something to do with the aggravating factors, i suppose. A presumptive first-offense for manslaughter is only  10.5 years. Pima county superior court records aren’t readily accessible.


Driver who killed Tucson bicyclist given 33 years
By Kim Smith Arizona Daily Star Apr 16, 2012
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A long-time alcoholic who killed a Tucson bicyclist last fall told his sentencing judge the death penalty would be an appropriate sentence for him and he’s having a hard time accepting the fact he killed someone… Pima County Superior Court Judge Clark Munger sentenced him to 33 years… Nava struck Albert Eugene Brack, 56, as Brack was riding his bicycle east on East Escalante Road near South Camino Seco in September 2011… Officers found Nava on foot and his abandoned 2006 Ford F-150 pickup nearby… Nava pleaded guilty to manslaughter and aggravated driving under the influence last month. He was facing between 16 and 36 years in prison…Deputy Pima County Attorney Nicolette Kneup asked Munger to impose no less than 25 years, noting Nava’s extensive DUI history and the impact Brack’s death has had on his family…