72-year-old bicyclist dies after collision

The azcentral.com news story was very detailed as to location, E McDowell Rd & N Granite Reef Rd (which is a.k.a. N 84th St),  and direction of the bicyclist, “eastbound on the north side of McDowell Road” , and motorist, “turning right from southbound Granite Reef Road onto westbound McDowell”.

I was under the mistaken impression that : So the bicyclist was riding on the sidewalk counter-flow (not recommended, but not illegal). Unmentioned in the news story was this is a signal-controlled intersection. SOMEONE VIOLATED (or attempted to violate) THE SIGNAL. So, oddly, that relevant fact is omitted. Also the conclusion “No citations were issued to the driver” is sort of unusual; generally speaking the answer always is something to the effect of the incident remains under investigation. I realized I just made that, the part about being on the sidewalk, up. I read something into the story that was not there.

Scottdale PD clarified to me that “the bicyclist was at fault as she was riding eastbound against westbound traffic in the roadway.” This doesn’t really sit well with me; it seems much more likely she would be riding counter-flow on the sidewalk, and then entered the crosswalk… but there you have it.


I do not have the ACR.  I forget what the story is with how to get crash reports from Scottsdale. The database  ASDM 2712556 more or less corroborates the newspaper account and the clarification I got from Scottsdale PIO, the only irregularities are why were there so many “OTHER” codings:

NonMotoristLocation: OTHER_97   why other?
(cyclist) UnitAction: OTHER_97        why other?

(cyclist) Lane: LANE_3    (this does indicate cyclist was in the road, as opposed to crosswalk)

JunctionRelation: INTERSECTION (this also indicates crash was not in crosswalk area, a crosswalk location should be coded as intersection_related)

(cyclist) Violation1: DROVE_RODE_IN_OPPOSING_TRAFFIC_LANE (this is inconclusive in the sense that police often use this violation for sidewalk cyclists even when not illegal)

There’s not really anywhere in the database where it’s possible to ascertain that the driver was turning right on red; though it can be inferred from the lack of a signal violation assigned to the cyclist; i.e. that’s consistent with the motorist having a red light, and having made a right-on-red.

Right on Red?

Just to brush up on the rules about making right turns on red (and, as i  mentioned above, the news story only indicates that the driver was turning right, and not whether his signal was red or green); a driver must, first and foremost, stop completely;  then may proceed turning right but only after yielding to “pedestrians and other traffic”. A driver who does not stop in the first place would be in violation of  28-645A(3)(a); a driver violating the right of way would be responsible for 28-645A(3)(b):

(b) The driver of a vehicle that is stopped in obedience to a red signal and as close as practicable at the entrance to the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection, or if there is no crosswalk, then at the entrance to the intersection, may make a right turn but shall yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and other traffic proceeding as directed by the signal. A right turn may be prohibited against a red signal at any intersection if a sign prohibiting the turn is erected at the intersection.

Bike Lanes?

It has sometimes been suggested that the presence of bike lanes increases riding against traffic. Without drawing any conclusions: I note from the google maps that N Granite Reef Rd is a dividing line along McDowell between no bike lanes to the west (the direction the bicyclist was coming from), and bike lanes to the east  (presumably where the bicyclist was going).



A 72-year-old Scottsdale woman has died from injuries suffered when the bicycle she was riding was struck by a car early last week, police said.

Ginette McKeehan died about 4 p.m. Saturday, police said.

She was riding her bicycle eastbound on the north side of McDowell Road approaching Granite Reef Road last Monday when she entered the road and was struck by a vehicle driven by 20-year-old male, police said. The car’s driver was turning right from southbound Granite Reef Road onto westbound McDowell when the accident occurred, police said.

McKeehan suffered head injuries and was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision, Scottsdale police said.

No citations were issued to the driver.

McKeehan had been transported to Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn for treatment. She died at 4 p.m. on Saturday, police said.

E McDowell Rd & N Granite Reef Rd

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  1. I have known Ginette McKeehan, or Gina, as her friends knew her well, for well over 15 yrs now. I have been her friend, neighbor a couple of times, and was also seeing her as a regular, when I worked at Albertson’s on Thomas for over 3 and a 1/2yrs. And over the past 15 yrs her accent got easier to understand, and I came to find she was an utter delight, and a true comedian. U knew her well if you ever had a yard sale, she would have rolled up on her bike, and shopped, and talked your ear off, for over an hour, but she would also have you rolling. She was known as the white fluffy, or some would say frizzyish hair about shoulder length, always wearing form fitting tight pants,(BY THE WAY FOR HER AGE SHE LOOKED AMAZING!) medium to petite frame, with a VERY HEAVY ACCENT! which over the years has gotten alot better, but still up to 2 weeks ago or so the last time i saw her, it was still very prevalent. She would never have a problem telling you how OLD she was, cuz she was proud of her age! and would say “I LOOK GOOOOOD FOR MY AGE HUH? HUH?” man I am gunna miss her. 🙁 OR SHE ALWAYS TALK ABOUT HER KIDS, AND WAS A VERY PROUD MOMMY! I NEVER GOT TO MEET THE KIDS, BUT I WOULD LOVE FOR THEM TO KNOW, I TRULY FELT BLESSED TO HAVE KNOWN HER FOR THE PAST 15 YRS. TO HER CHILDREN: YOU HAD AN AMAZING MOM, BUT NOW YOU HAVE AN AMAZING ANGEL, WATCHING FROM ABOVE. I WILL FOREVER MISS HER! LUV U GINA! RIP ANGEL.

  2. First I want to offer my sympathy to Mrs. McKeehan’s family and friends. I must have seen Mrs. McKeehan ride her bike almost everyday, it seems. Always with a big smile on her face, no matter how hot or cold out or late at night always riding her bike! One night last year, I witnessed some one almost hitting Mrs.mcKeehan on her bike at the intersection of mcdowell and granite reef
    And I stopped to see if she was okay and she was. I always worried about her on her bike. The last time I saw her was a couple of days before the accident at the walgreens at 10pm and she was with her bike, Soo happy and singing. She really always put a smile on my face, I will really miss you… Rest in peace..

  3. My mom and I will miss Gona, she would always ride by our house on her bike and stop to talk with us. She had so much energy. One time we helped her move out of one apt. To another apartment on Granite Reef. She will definitely be missed. Our prays go out to her family. RIP Gina!!

  4. I want to thank Crystal, Lisa, and Billie for you thoughts, comments, and prayers. Ginette (Gina) was my mom and we will miss her more then words could ever express. My hearts aches constantly for her and the lump in my throat isn’t much better. It was a terrible accident and the focus should not be who was at fault. I do not blame anyone. It was a terrible accident and trategy. She will always be with us though. She is in a better place with GOD. I feel her presence and I know I will NEVER forget what an incredible mother and woman she was. I know she and I will meet again someday. For those of you that knew her hang onto those memories and remember how different she was. She was one of a kind. Look at those things in my mom and allow that to help you be more tolerable of those who are unique and remember life is a precious gift and would should not take it for granted. GOD BLESS YOU ALL in what ever you believe in. My email is michaelausmc@comcast.net if anyone ever feels like talking.
    Michaela Judah

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