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Reverse-chronological list of updates to  existing articles. Most of the time, I don’t create a new article, but rather add information to a related existing article.

1/11/2018 lane-splitting is lane-sharing; motorcyclist lane-splitting could soon be legal in AZ. Motorcyclist splitting and Bicyclist sharing have much in common.

1/10/2018 — Can you get a traffic ticket for rolling through one of those weird little stop signs in the strip mall parking lot? See where-do-traffic-laws-apply

1/6/2018 — Unusual case in CA, it seems to me AZ (and other states where bicycles are not defined as vehicles) probably has the same anomaly with regard to hit-and-run law: bicyclists when operating on paths, appear to not be subject to hit-and-run laws.

1/2/2018 – Sidewalk riding continues to be suggested by the mis-informed as a solution to any bicycling problem, see recent/ongoing McClintock Drive kerfluffle in Tempe.
Updated Where to ride on the Road with some additional stats and info on sidewalk riding. “The rate of major injuries… was greatest on sidewalks”, “Results suggest a need to discourage sidewalk cycling”.

12/26/2018 — Scottsdale explicitly bans any device with a motor (like e.g. ebikes, motorized bikes) from any of the city’s paths. They also, arguably, ban e-bikes from the city’s mountain preserve trails, claiming they are motor vehicles.

12/21/2017 – Added more info about speed/speeding and safety, the 85th percentile speed, and Solomon’s Curve to last year’s article 2-percent-of-rear-end-crashes-involve-a-slowly-moving-lead-vehicle

12/2/2017 – 13-year-old boy struck, killed on sidewalk in south Phoenix by susp impaired driver

11/22/2017 ASU doctoral student killed in Tempe crosswalk crash; In declining to cite the driver, Tempe police have stated that, under city law, bicyclists must always yield right-of-way in a crosswalk.

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