Warner Road, eastbound approching Kyrene (new configuation Jan 2017)

Warner resurfacing; begun Nov 2016. The “permanent” stripes (the 8″ wide BL stripe with glass beads) were finally painted sometime very early January.
Eastbound approaching Kyrene.
Note this is a completly new striping plan/pattern. Formerly there was no RTOL here, and the BL continued to the intersection.
Anyway before the new BL stripe show in the photo, they (the city? the contractor?) didn’t know what to do with the BL here, so it had been simply discontinued the line.
They made a mistake by narrowing the BL from what was 5′ usable space (usable = from gutter joint to center of stripe). this causes a difficult merge sitation at the pinch point, which is also right at the place where right-turing traffic is going to be mixing.
Visible in the photo are some temporary tick marks that appear to be where a 5′ (usable) BL stripe would be had that amount of space been maintained. 5′ is certainly more than required (4′ is recommended) but the it tapers from 4′ in the foreground TO 2.5′ (SUB STANDARD) where it discontinues.

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