Police seek white Viper

This is a rather sensational story. It will be interesting to see how police handle it. Can the white Viper be found? It is a relatively rare model, and of course even fewer of them are white with blue stipes, it doesn’t seem like it should be very difficult to find the car.

I was confused about the physical description of what happened, and who was going what way. It seems like all the involved vehicles (the white Viper, the black Honda, and the cyclist) were all northbound on 48th Street, north of Elliot and approaching Piedmont. There is no bike lane north of Piedmont — the bike lane on 48th Street begins/ends there.

“The Viper driver could be charged with hit and run and driving at criminal speed ” — from the description the Viper driver OUGHT to be charged with crimes. Reckless endangerment, or whatever.

Police seek white Viper that caused an Ahwatukee wreck

Colleen Sparks, The Arizona Republic, Sept. 12, 2007 08:22 PM
Police are looking for a driver that caused a wreck Tuesday night in Ahwatukee that left a Tempe bicyclist badly injured.

At about 7 p.m. a group of vehicles was stopped for the red light at Elliot Road near Piedmont Road, Phoenix Officer Joe Wennes said. When the light turned green, witnesses say a white Dodge Viper with blue stripes “gunned it” and tried to pass the other vehicles.

The Viper hit a black Honda car, which fishtailed and was forced into a bike lane, hitting Karen Burns, 43, of Tempe, on her bicycle. The Honda sideswiped a light pole and was pushed onto a curb.
Burns was wearing a helmet but suffered gashes to her head and her left elbow and road burns on her whole body, Wennes said. She was transported to Maricopa Medical Center and was in critical condition but she has since improved to stable condition, he said.

“She’s a tough gal,” Wennes said. “We were impressed how well she was able to come out of this. She was alert and talking.”

Wennes said Burns had been doing everything right, including having lights on her bike and wearing reflective gear and gloves.

“It looked like she was an experienced bicyclist,” he said. “She was doing everything right. Everything was the way it should be.”

The Viper driver could be charged with hit and run and driving at criminal speed because witnesses reported that the vehicle may have been traveling as fast as 20 miles over the speed limit.

“Leaving the scene of an accident is just incredible to me,” Wennes said. “Thank God for the witnesses and everybody that came out to help.”

The driver of the black Honda was also a victim in the crash, Wennes said. That driver, Quarterrious Littleton, 29, of Phoenix, was treated and released from Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital.

The white Viper had a “Mopar” bumper sticker on it. Anyone with information on the Viper driver is encouraged to call Crime Stop at (602) 262-6151.

Police need help in finding Dodge Viper involved in a hit and run

Doug Murphy, Ahwatukee Foothills News, Sept 12, 2007

Phoenix police are looking for a white Dodge Viper with blue stripes that was involved in a hit and run crash Tuesday night that sent a bicyclist to the hospital.

The crash occurred on 48th Street near Piedmont Road around 7 p.m., when the Viper raced north from the signal at Elliot Road, weaving in and out of traffic and struck a Honda, forcing it into the bicyclist.

“The firefighters said that it was fortunate that she was wearing a helmet or it could have been fatal,” said Officer Joe Wennes.

“Thank God she is OK,” Wennes said, “but we are looking for the driver of this vehicle.”

Anyone with information on the Dodge Viper is asked to call CrimeStop at (602) 262-6151.

2 thoughts on “Police seek white Viper”

  1. On Wednesday, Dec 2nd 2008 I was riding Eastbound on Pecos just East of Desert Fooothills Blvd and I witnessed a white viper that I estimate was going in excess of 120 mph (approx time: 10:30 – 11am). The car was traveling East as well. I was in the bike lane [ed note: there is no bike lane on Pecos, Dennis was probably referring to the shoulder] and the viper was in the right lane. I did not see plates on the car, and I could not tell if there were blue stripes. It did look like it had a black convertible top.

    I did not hear anything until it was past my position. Because I heard no acceleration from the engine I would assume he was at the top speed well before he approached the light. With the rise in the road as you approach the light at Desert Foothills (Eastbound) there would have been very little chance that he could stop if the light were red.

    I have also had close calls of this nature by someone in a Black Lotus Elise.

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