Phoney Bike Lane Sign on Chandler Blvd

Suddenly, a bike lane sign (a real, R3-17, bike lane sign. And by “a” I mean exactly one sign, no others and no begin or end) has appeared on Chandler Blvd eastbound, just west of 28th Street. This is an odd area, it is just east of the Ray/Chandler-split. Here is an aerial view (or another aerial view) of the scene.

Why was the sign placed here? and all of a sudden? Just an error? or more sinister? — e.g. somebody just had to believe that it’s gotta be a bike lane?

UPDATE– per city streets dept., sign is scheduled for removal, without explanation. I’m not sure how long it will take, but it was still there May 30… still there June 21… still there July 7 — Finally changed back to a “bike route” sign July 9th or so. Hallelujah. 

The stripe, which is a narrow (4″?, as opposed to a fat 6″ bike lane stripe), tapers until it encloses just perhaps 1.5 foot of asphalt. It ends (thankfully) entirely just west of the intersection with 28th street. The immediate area bears the scars of a couple diamond ground markers — they appear to have been (correctly) ground away years ago.

The entire area on Chandler Blvd, from Desert Foothills Parkway all the way to about 32nd Street is a horror show of annoying narrow lanes with shoulder stripes. See Critical Width, which is just a half mile west of this new phoney sign.