Phoenix Pedicab Ordinance

Phoenix city council quietly (well hey, I never heard about it, but it was in the paper) passed a rather sweeping pedicab ordinance in July 2008. The regulations went into effect August 1, 2008.

Somewhat interestingly, they are filed under Chapter 23 “Morals and Conduct”, 23-120 through 23-137, and are quite lengthy, obviously pulled from some sort of model code. [also, as I look at it today, 11/3/2012, via; it seems like the article number is missing from 23-120]

[upon re-reading this, several years later, i am confused about the civil vs. criminal thing; there are two separate sections civil vs. criminal; however the civil section specifically says the criminal sanctions are cumulative, which i take to mean both can apply] The violation being criminal (misdemeanor class 1) is really absurd. That is the most serious class (assuming the class numbering works the same as state law?) — for comparison, if you run a red light and kill someone it’s a class 3 misdemeanor! (ARS 28-672)

Taxicabs and Limousines are also regulated by the city, see Chapter36 Article XIV. The criminal penalty is also a misdemeanor — but the regs all revolve around the duty to display and charge the fare properly. There isn’t anything about having to keep the taxi clean or any such nonsense.
Happily, Phoenix’s code is available online from which leads to, . By the way, the rules for traffic including bicycles can be found at Chapter 36, Vehicles and Traffic.

There are some technically questionable things, such as the braking system must be “capable of skidding each wheel in contact with the ground…”. Really? Skidding the front wheel? Hmm.

Some of the operational restrictions are anti-VC (Vehicular Cycling) — such as prohibiting their operation on streets with speed limit of 35mph or greater.

The most onerous restrictions come in the conditions section: “It is unlawful for any person to operate a pedicab that has… Exposed rust… Ripped upholstery or fabric…Visible chips or scratches on any painted surface…Exposed wood that is not painted and in good condition… Dirt or debris on any surface accessible to patrons” A year in jail because your pedicab has dust on the seat, or a scratch? Seems a bit much.

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  1. Some interesting pedicab minutia applicable to California, from the CA Driver’s Handbook, new for 2011 section:

    Pedicab Operator Requirements
    Operators of pedicabs for hire are required to hold one or more of the following documents:
    1) A valid California driver license.
    2) Proof of successful completion of a bicycle safety training course certified by the League of American Bicyclists or an equivalent organization as determined by the local authority, OR a valid California identification card and proof of successful completion of the written portion of the California driver’s license examination administered by the DMV.

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