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Depiction of an ~ zero-clearance pass in a 12 foot lane; and why even a 14 foot lane is unsuitable for general sharing; many vehicles are even wider than the pickup in the graphic.

A Ford F-250 is depicted in this graphic, which is accurately scaled. It is 104.9″ wide w/standard mirrors.
The more common F-150 is 96.8″ (about 7″ narrower than the truck depicted in the graphic)
(either model has optional towing mirrors that are wider, and of course wider after-market mirrors are available)
The Ford F-150 is either one of, if not the most popular model of automobile in the US. There are many millions of them, and many millions more equivalent products from GM and other manufacturers, and millions more similarly sized (so-called “full sized”) SUVs.

The 30″ comes from the AASTHO 2012 Guide, it’s referred to as the “Physical width” of a design adult bicyclist. The Guide now quotes 48″ as the “minimum operating space” — up from the 40″ shown in the diagram above.

The graphic is from

Dimensions retrieved 8/20/2015: F-250, F-150.

“For the 32nd year in a row (in 2013), the Ford F-Series pickup was the country’s best-selling vehicle, with 763,402 sold” And in 2014 Edmunds reports figures broken down by individual model (not series) have the F-150, and Silverado 1500 pickups as #1 and 2 with 526,769 and 404,251 units sold, respectively; the Ram 1500 was #10 with 295,280. USA today reported 2014 figures by series: Ford F-series (once again #1), Chevrolet Silverado, and Ram 1500-3500 were #1, 2 and 3 top sellers with 735,851; 529,755; and 439,789 units sold respectively.

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