1967 parking-protected cycletrack, Davis, California

Late-1960s parking-protected cycletrack, Davis, California

Sycamore Lane Experiment: 1967 parking-protected cycletrack, Davis, California (Photo: Bob Sommer)

History of Bicycle Policy in Davis, CA
On Feb 26, 2007, Ted Buehler presented his Masters Thesis at the Varsity Theater.
The file name is Sycamore_Lane_Bike_Lane_Bob_Sommer_Probably_1970.jpg

This is Sycamore Lane, Davis CA probably near 8th Street. The area nowadays has an, ahem, traditional DZBL (Door Zone Bike Lane).

I initially found this pic posted in a discussion thread; The poster, from what i gathered, thought this was a good thing. From what I understand, the obvious problems at intersections of the design caused this to be quickly abandoned (??) http://usa.streetsblog.org/2015/03/11/engineering-establishment-sets-out-to-purge-deviant-bikeway-designs

I’m not sure how quickly they figured this out, but figure it out they did; notations from the City of Davis website says (retrieved 1/19/2017. Emphasis added):

Sycamore Lane Experiment: This 1967 bike lane used concrete bumpers to separate parked cars from the bike only lane. The parked cars screened the visibility of bicyclists coming into intersections and cars would unknowingly drive into the bike lane. This bike lane design was eventually abandoned.
The 1967 separated bike lanes on Sycamore Lane didn’t prevent conflicts with turning vehicles. Today at this intersection there are special bike-only traffic signals that provide cyclists their own crossing phase. These innovative bicycle signals were the first of their kind to be installed in the United States.

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