ASU student dies in Tempe road-rage shooting

photo: Tempe Police
photo: Tempe Police

Shooting update: Female driver shot by another female driver after a traffic collision. Injured driver collided w a 3rd car injuring 5 passengers

Police describe an incident that began with road rage / shooting / collision (exact order is unclear from the news story) that killed another driver and caused a collision injuring five.

Police identified the shooter as Holly Davis, 32, and was later arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and several other charges. The victim was identified as  Yue Jiang, an Chinese exchange student. Plus the five injured in a third vehicle.

Near Broadway and McClintock, middle of the day Saturday afternoon 1/16/2016.

news story:

I’m not clear on the sequence of collision, and exactly how many collisions there were, according to this f.b. comment:

How does the AZ Republic get the facts so screwed up. The SHOOTER caused the accident by rear-ending the victim who was stopped for a red light. Then trying to get away, the wounded woman lost control (happens when you bleed to death) and hit another car. BTW the Shooter also left the scene of the accident/murder. Real piece of work – but everyone in Arizona has to have a gun to ‘protect’ themselves from – well I guess from people who stop for red lights?

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