Woman cyclist struck, killed in Arizona City

photo: Kevin Reagan / PinalCentral

6/1/2017 ~ 7AM westbound Alsdorf near Durango, Arizona City, Pinal County. victim:  Susan J. Stanisich, 75/F. Struck from behind by 2nd vehicle. The position of impact on the vehicle (the driver’s side) seems odd.

Here’s a view of the road from google streetview (dated 2011) that give a better idea of the scale of this unlaned road. The more exact location, seen in the news photos, appears to be here on Alsdorf, just ~ 200′ or so east of the intersection Durango. The road appears to be about ~ 30′ wide with no lanes (no striping at all). No mention of whether or not there was any oncoming traffic.

There are a number of odd statements made in the news item, attributed to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (why did, or why would a vehicle “swerve” in order to pass — wasn’t he paying attention, either?). This road appears to be (both from the current photo and google maps views) an unlaned collector with dirt shoulders in or near what is now a sparse, but residential area… So they could have said something to the effect of the driver was going too fast for conditions; this has to be true on its face since he failed to “control the speed of a vehicle as necessary to avoid colliding with any object, person, vehicle” 28-701.

Given the location of the impact on the vehicle, on its left (driver’s) side, implies the driver may have begun to swerve right. The swerving mentioned in the news story didn’t specify which direction the lead vehicle (that vehicle did not impact the cyclist) swerved; it’s possible there was more/other swerving going on. E.g. the cyclist may have begun to swerve unexpectedly for unknown reasons, causing both drivers to swerve, the first avoided striking the cyclist, the second didn’t.

A news story the next day identifies the victim as Susan J. Stanisich, 75/F but doesn’t add any other details.


Woman cyclist struck, killed in Arizona City

ARIZONA CITY — A female cyclist was struck and killed by a motorist Thursday morning on Alsdorf Road, authorities say… The motorist was driving west on Alsdorf Road behind a truck at about 7 a.m. According to the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, the truck swerved to avoid the bicyclist, also traveling west… The motorist said he didn’t react fast enough to avoid hitting the woman… The woman was not wearing a helmet, which may have saved her life, Forghani said.

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