Bicyclist killed in Prescott after being struck by truck

Toby Lee Beaty
Toby Lee Beaty

[Update: PLEA DEAL March 5, 2016  Driver takes plea in fatal Prescott bike crash  “The plea agreement noted that probation of up to seven years is available” The possibility of (only) probation for manslaughter indicates the deal must stipulate that the manslaughter will be sentenced as a “non-dangerous” crime.  ]

SENTENCE: Yavapai County Superior Court CR-201501124; case minute from 4/4/2016 contains the sentence (Yavapai minutes are available via AZ Supreme Case lookup, but apparently not linkable); if i am reading it correctly, it’s 3 years incarceration in prison for the non-dangerous manslaughter. The DUI resulted in effectively no punishment (it’s concurrent; I suppose this is normal). ]

[Update: Man charged in deadly January truck vs. bicycle crash “Toby Beaty, 37, of Prescott, was arrested Sunday, Oct. 18 2015 and charged with manslaughter and two counts of misdemeanor DUI …”  No word on why this took so long.]

Victim Amber “Cricket” Harrington, 23/F.  1/16/2015 ~ 5pm Location: southbound White Spar Road, unspecified location; but presumably within city of Prescott. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Prescott after being struck by truck”

Bicyclist killed on US180 in Coconino Co by overtaking motorist

I can’t find any mention of this fatality anywhere.

The location is US Highway 180 (a.k.a. Fort Valley Ranch Road)… between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed on US180 in Coconino Co by overtaking motorist”

Bicyclist killed Deer Valley Rd by overtaking motorist

I can’t find any mention of this fatality anywhere; seems odd.


I found this while corroborating the 2014 data, this is adot incident=2836999 Phoenix FileNumber: 201400828333; i haven’t yet tried to look up the ACR, though it should be available.

The data describes a classic motorist overtaking crash; both units were eastbound on Deer Valley Rd near 44th St, Phoenix. Middle of the morning (no lighting issues) on a weekday; when traffic is light. The motorist was dinged for “speed too fast…”.

Deer Valley Road is an urban (suburban) arterial road, in that section is a total of 4 lanes wide, two in each direction; eastbound is a dirt shoulder (westbound is curb and gutter). It’s, of course, not possible to tell the cyclist’s lane position from the database.


Bicyclist killed in Graham Co highway collision

Bicyclist Jesse A. Simon, 64 was killed Thursday 10/30/2014 ~ 1213pm on US 191 northbound ~ 3.5 miles north of US Highway 70; when he was clipped by the (right, i assume) mirror of a passing pickup (which may have been towing an RV trailer?) Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Graham Co highway collision”

Florence cyclist killed after being struck by elderly driver

This was discovered only after adot data was released; searching google by location…

Incident 7/25/2013; victim: Frank Elliot, 71 Driver: Freddie Sprinkles, 83.  Adamsville Road, Florence. Rear-end collision. The driver said “he did not see” the bicyclist. This is a narrow rural country two lane road. Continue reading “Florence cyclist killed after being struck by elderly driver”

Gilbert cyclist killed on charity ride

[UPDATE Aug 29, 2014 Verde Independent is reporting County Attorney has decided there will be no (criminal) charges, though the article mentions the driver “was ordered to be re-tested by the Motor Vehicle Division”. The relatively long delay was apparently awaiting driver’s toxicology results. The reporter didn’t mention in the article, but the driver was cited and plead responsible to a 28-735 violation in VV justice court TR-20144749. The online records don’t mention the amount of fine, that is whether or not the enhanced penalty of up to $1,000 was levied]

[UPDATE: July 29, 2014 Case against driver is still being reviewed by the County Attorney’s office. Also the victim’s surname was corrected: Hartline, not Hareline]

Ironically the scene of the fatal collision is next to a “share the road” sign. photo: VVN/Jon Pelletier

This lane appears to be clearly too narrow to share safely side-by-side with another vehicle RIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF NARROW LANES FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION — this is not only legal, but recommended as best practice by all traffic safety experts. Note that this doesn’t change the driver’s responsibility — the driver is clearly responsible for causing this type of crash; the operator of the overtaking vehicle always has a duty to perform the maneuver safely, not to mention the 3-foot minimum. Later news stories said the location was more specifically Cornville Road just west of Beaverhead Flats Rd. Continue reading “Gilbert cyclist killed on charity ride”

Scottsdale cyclist’s death shows problems with law

ADOT Incident=2335885
Both units were eastbound; the road is a very fast, 2 through lanes each direction with a small (<2′ ?) open shoulder.
Of note, newer street views show this area was reconfigured sometime between 2011 and 2015, now has a substantial, I mean substantially wider than what was there at the time of this incident. Maybe four to five feet. Still open (no curb or gutter).

The Arizona Republic today ran a heavily researched article concerning the death of Cindie Holub in Scottsdale in February. It also delved into some comparative history into other strike-from-behind cases.

[also, here is the original AZ Republic story about the death]

Continue reading “Scottsdale cyclist’s death shows problems with law”