Woman bicyclist killed in collision w/truck, horse-trailer

5/10/2020 ~7PM. 32nd St and Broadway Rd, Phoenix. victim 35-year-old Nicole Hicks.

Sunset was 7:19PM so not dark; depending on direction, sun glare could have been a factor.

The news description was a bit light on details; other than to mention the bicyclist was in a crosswalk, and that “Police say the driver failed to stop for a red light and was issued citations”.  No directions were included.

If the driver “ran” a red light, they should be charged with 28-672. It could also or additionally be a right-turn-on-red error. A somewhat common scenario is a driver approaching a red light rolls through while turning without looking or seeing a counter-flow bicyclist that has entered the crosswalk on a green/walk. Continue reading “Woman bicyclist killed in collision w/truck, horse-trailer”

Bicyclist killed in Glendale crosswalk hit-and-run, suspect on the loose

This  showed up on review of the 2015 ASDM data, although I had missed it at the time…

11/19/2015 ~ 6:15pm. Bicyclist killed in the crosswalk by a hit-and-run driver. Bicyclist was northbound crosswalk at 43rd Ave and Bethany Home Road, Glendale, AZ. Continue reading “Bicyclist killed in Glendale crosswalk hit-and-run, suspect on the loose”

Yuma bicyclist killed in crosswalk collision

I had missed this one, and only found it when reconciling asdm data and searching on Yuma and Magnolia… There was both a police press release (laced with the a-word! Most police know better than that?) as well as a Yuma Sun article.

The cyclist was riding Eastbound on the North sidewalk (i.e. “counter-flow”) of 8th St; the driver was southbound on Magnolia — at the signalized intersection — and made a right hand turn (who had a red light? Is this another right turn on red error? (no, according to the investigation, see below); colliding with the bicyclist in the crosswalk. Continue reading “Yuma bicyclist killed in crosswalk collision”

Elderly bicyclist killed in crosswalk by right-turning motorist

I can’t find any mention of this fatality anywhere. I found it only because it appears in asdm data for 2014.

The location of the fatal collision is Dobbins Rd and 51st Ave. This appears that it could be a right on red turning error by the motorist; Continue reading “Elderly bicyclist killed in crosswalk by right-turning motorist”

Cyclist killed at south Tempe intersection

preface: ALWAYS ride with the flow of traffic; even on the sidewalk…

A cyclist was killed Thursday (June 12, 2014) morning; at the intersection of Elliot Rd and Harl Dr. I learned his name only  by chance it was in a news story about bicycling and Rural Road: Jesus Pena-Quinonez, age 55. Continue reading “Cyclist killed at south Tempe intersection”