Sentencing scheduled for driver who killed Rob Dollar in 2017

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Annaleah Dominguez was indicted 11/8/2017 on a charge of reckless manslaughter (a class 2 felony);

PLEA DEAL — court minute 7/29/2022

For reasons not stated — they never are, our prosecutors work in virtual secrecy — the driver was allowed to plea to the lesser charge of Negligent Homicide. This is still a serious felony, however, the prosecutor has stipulated in the deal it is “non-dangerous”. Is this a sweetheart deal? Were there evidence problems? I guess we’ll never know, because of the opacity of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

This will yield, by far, the lightest sentence azbikelaw is aware of in Arizona where an impaired motorist kills someone. The driver’s actions were reckless on their face (driving on the wrong side of the road around a curve) irrespective of impairment; recklessly is the standard for manslaughter — so how did it get down to negligent homicide?

This information was posted  by Eric Arentsen, on the Big Orange Public Facebook page, and was also picked up by bikinginla :

Big Orange member, Rob Dollar, was killed almost five years ago. An impaired driver crossed a double yellow line and took Rob’s life in a head-on accident as he was riding his bike. We encourage those that knew Rob to send a note to the Probation Officer encouraging the stiffest sentence possible. The driver is facing 1 to 3 ½ years in jail for negligent homicide [I think it’s actually 1.5 / 2.5 / 3 years, min/presumptive/max]. We hope you will make your voices heard at the sentencing by sending a note today.
Send your email to by September 28 with your thoughts about the sentence and how Rob’s death has impacted your life. Here are some bullet points to get you thinking:
· How has Rob’s death impacted you? Please build on what Rob meant to you and the community.
· How has the crime (guilty of negligent homicide) affected your life? If you are a cyclist, have you changed where you ride or how you ride?
· What are your thoughts regarding the sentence the court should impose on the defendant?
Deadline is Sept 28.

Note that the incarceration time referred to above is only theoretical, since this is being sentenced as “non-dangerous” there need not be any jail time; it can be all probation, entirely at the sentencing judge’s discretion.


3 thoughts on “Sentencing scheduled for driver who killed Rob Dollar in 2017”

  1. Probation Officers dont determine the sentencing;
    Probation Officers, supervise and enforce the terms of their probation if probation is part of the sentencing.

  2. yes and no. Probation Department is responsible for preparing a report that the sentencing judge relies heavily upon…
    “Legal Definition of presentence report
    : a report prepared by a probation officer upon conviction of a defendant that assists the sentencing court in imposing an appropriate sentence
    NOTE: The information contained in a presentence report includes the defendant’s prior criminal history (if any) and relevant (as financial) circumstances, the appropriate classification of the defendant and of the offense under the established classification system, the kinds and range of sentences and programs available, and the impact of the offense on the victim”

  3. some info here regarding the background of the deal

    John Dollar / August 3
    We had the settlement conference on the 29th. She pleaded guilty to neglect homicide non dangerous. She will be sentenced October 14th. The sentence length will be between 1-3 1/2 years.
    The main concern going to trial for the judge and prosecution attorney is getting a jury that doesn’t have someone (or two) jurors who dislike cyclists and in turn will let her go!
    I Can’t imagine someone would let her go because they don’t like cyclists. But this is the society we live in.
    The laws protecting cyclists That are hit and or killed are horrible. I will be trying to change these after everything is done. Hopefully in the future the victims will get some type of Justice.

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