Passenger dead, driver arrested in Gilbert Rd single-vehicle crash

photo: Mesa PD

You are not safe; you are not safe driving in a car; you are not safe riding in a car; you are not safe in the daytime; you are not safe walking on the sidewalk; you are not safe riding in a bike lane; you are not safe riding a bike on the sidewalk; you are not safe riding in a “protected” bike lane. You are not safe.

Mesa police arrested the driver, Mario Galvan, saying he was impaired and speeding when he left the road, crossing the sidewalk, and striking bollards, resulting in the death of the passenger in his car, his wife Kasey. He is being held on susp of manslaughter. If convicted he will be spending ~ 10 years in prison.

Incident occurring 7/31/2022 Sunday afternoon 3PM, Gilbert Road, near Decatur, Mesa AZ


It would appear there is no case against a Mario Galvan (as of June 2023); this older case could have been the same person? CR2012-159483 Galvan-Colazo, Mario – DOB: 8/1986 (this age would approximately fit: crash database says 35 years old) ; that case  apparently resulted in some probation , agg dui; the other charges were dropped (multiple prior dui, driving w/0 license).

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