How to lookup and find case history

The following site can be used to lookup by defendant’s name; it includes most, but not all courts throughout the state, including Maricopa County Superior Court:

Maricopa County Superior Court can be searched directly at using a defendant name search, and it takes parameters as well:

As an example, searching for Daniel Hinton will reveal the case number,  CR2018-142587; and knowing a case number, can lead directly to both the case history, and list of minutes like so:



The same search works for civil cases as well, e.g. Marcellus v. City of Scottsdale.

Other courts?

I haven’t tried to look up documents for superior courts other than Maricopa for a long time; not sure what is what. I remember Pima County being particularly byzantine.

I also can’t find the list of courts which are included/excluded from the (almost) statewide court case search.

For esoteric informational purposes only

Maricopa county superior court minutes can be searched in other ways, too; these examples use the Daniel Hinton manslaughter case…

note that these two URLs are equivalent, at least at the time of this writing, for example this is the plea agreement minute (5/21/19):

The former being what you get when clicking thru the search.

But the sentencing minute, 06/26/19 has yet another format??

Here are all (? I think) search parameters


Here’s a search by jo (judicial officer), requires a date range of no more than one month…


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